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    CC unreachable?

    I think there were too many at once unting foor the updates. One day later: no problem.
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    CC unreachable?

    I think there were too many at once unting foor the updates. One day later: no problem.
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    CC unreachable?

    I would like the new version, but my CC orgm cannot connect ..... Others?
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    W7/32 ->w10/64

    That is what I am planning to do. How can I get my (5.7) LR 32 bit to my new comp W10/64 bit without losing anything? After that an upgrade to LR 6 (I hink I will take the cc option) will be inplace, any suggestions about this too?
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    Windows 10

    Will my W7/32 uoprade to W10/64????
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    CC program

    Johan, It is NOT the way you assume. Your moves are of no value to us since you did not write anything about them. Thanks for reading this and please go on with your ongoing mission to gain.....
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    CC program

    That is what I was thinking: they try to bind me. Anyway I would do this? And WHY? It seems they like income more than happy customers. Once in the cloud you are utterly lost into the Adobe darkness. Why don't you want to choose for yourself and let competition take it's way?
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    CC program

    Why does Adobe try to force me into theit cc system?
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    New W10 PC

    Thanks to all. I will buy the "machine" as exposed here: an incredible overkill for my needs NOW, but future proof.
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    New W10 PC

    I would like an offer I cannot refuse. Please make a solid suggestion and don't look at the system I proposed. I would like to go Apple, but whenever I compare the systems to Windows there is a big gap in price. I am willing to pay the price (I like Apple), but have to be sure, because for me it...
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    New W10 PC

    I think it is overkill too. WHAT would you drop?
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    New W10 PC

    I am on W7/32 now, so no LR6 for me :-(. W10 is coming, my PC is a bit old, so I think it is a good moment to buy a new one. Would like Apple, but those prices ..... What I have been offered: Antec P280 with soundbarrier Intel Core I7-5820K 3.3 Ghz Scythe Mugen 4 (120 mm fan) MSI X99S SLI Plus...
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    kr cc is not for mee

    I am feeling FORCED by ADOBE to join their expensive subscription trail. I don't want it, i don't need it, and I don't like it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I subscribed to MS365, I am using all included prgms and want (have to be) up to date. I am om W32b, so no update to LR6 (thanks adobe for...
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    Hello from Holland

    Welke antwoorden zoek je? Which answers are you looking for?
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    LR6 only 64bit?

    Subject is clear enough.
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    Synology NAS

    Thank you...... kuph
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    I am using (very happy with it!) a Fujifilm T-X1. I am NOT happy with the way LightRoom handles these (X-trans) files. It is different from BAYAR sensors, but they are or exiist in any way, just different. Please Adobe: attend to this ......
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    (another) new member from the Netherlands

    Heee, Haaa, Hoooo Martin: welkom. English: Heee, Haaa, Hoooo Martin: welcome. Grin.
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    Hi, Anyone know if Adobe is working on the X-TRANS (Fuji) sensor to get a better result? No, I won't and don't want to start the discussion here too. There are many, many threads and msgs about this subject all over the photographic fora.
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    should I buy macbook pro with retina display for editing in Lightroom?

    My ideal situation (whish-list) would be: The most powerfull MBPro, big SSD and second hard drive (no dvd). Extra externed dvd and HD Docking station at home with a 27" screen (Mac) and a full keybord/mouse and an easy way (is there a docking station for this) to connect the MCBPro? Figured it...
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    Adobe should have told, that's all. As you can see "not telling" makes it suspicious.
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    FUJI X-E2 in CameraRaw?

    Correct. Iam seeing what photozone predicts. I like the Zeiss, but they are HEAVY ...
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    FUJI X-E2 in CameraRaw?

    Ohhh, ahhh, THAT is why I like LR: thanks Jim.
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    FUJI X-E2 in CameraRaw?

    Ohhh, sorry, 1 more question: Is he correction made ON the RAW (RAF) file or only to the preview (the jpg made by Fuji is imported too). IF made to the RAF I assume the file is changed and NOT with a sidecar? (I cannot see any).