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    Lightroom CC Issues after Install – For Windows Users

    Have the Photographers subscription based license to both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC 2014. I'm having the same problem with both applications. Each time I launch one of the applications, either one I have to revalidate the license and sign-in again, even if I just exited the program 5 minutes...
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    Optimal Speed

    Thanks. Assuming that there's a ton of disk space available, what is the optimal size of the cache? My monitors are LaCie 324i 1200 x 1900. Again, assuming that disk space is not an issue, what is the optimal size for the standard preview? Is there a size vs. speed trade off?
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    Optimal Speed

    Look to configure Lightroom 5.7.1 for optimal speed. Here the current system layout System: Intel i7 processor, 32mb memory, Windows 7, dual 1200x1900 24" LaCie monitors Internal Drive C: ESATA 6gbs, 500gb Solid State Drive, with OS, programs, Lightroom catalog and Cache (sized at 100mb) there...
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    Exporting photos for Costco printing.

    300 pixels per inch. So a 4x6 would be 1200 x 1800; a 5x7 would be 1500 x 2100 and an 8x10 would be 2400 x 3000. Acceptable results can sometime be obtained with resolutions as low as 250 PPI.
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    Importing from memory card directly as good as importing from camera?

    When I get back from a shoot, most times, we've filled multiple CF and SD cards with images. We use a third-party application to manage the downloads and to merge the GPS info from our GPS recorder into the EXIF data of the image. We the use Lightroom to import the images from where the...
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    Monitor not matching Prints from Lab

    Yes, I've send both sRGB and Adobe RGB version and the problem is the same. I just recalibrated to 110 from 120 and am sending them a test print... see if that gets closer.
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    Monitor not matching Prints from Lab

    Thanks Tony Jay I'm recalibrating to 110. The ambient light in the editing room is relatively dim. The calibration software takes an ambient light reading in the room before calibrating.
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    Monitor not matching Prints from Lab

    Thanks Ken, Yes, the accepts files as either sRGB or AdobeRGB as long as the profile is imbeded in the image. Supposedly, Lighroom imbeds the profile on export by default.
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    Monitor not matching Prints from Lab

    Lightroom 4.2. LaCie 24" wide gamut monitor. Weekly monitor calibration using Spyder3Pro , software version 4.0.2. Calibrated to D65 2.2 120 specs. Exporting finished prints to Photo Lab for printing. Reguesting no color correction. Exported as JPEG, 100%, Adobe RGB. Images sizes are more...