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    Book Module Spine Background Color

    I've created a cover for my book and have picked a color from the photo to be the background color on the spine of the book. Photoshop says the color is # 66387a or RGB 102 56 122. When I type those numbers into the spine background in hex or RGB I get a different shade. Any thoughts on how to...
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    Custom Lightroom Book module template question

    If I customize a LR book template and then save it, can I get it to remember settings like turn on photo text and align bottom offset 2 and use title metadata? Or do I have to set that for each photo?
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    Can't Import photos

    I'm using Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 [ 1052427 ] in Win 10 Pro. I can't seem to import photos from a directory on my hard drive. The add process seems to to hang whether I use the import dialog or sync option on the empty directory in LR. There are photos in that directory on my HDD.
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    Missing files in directory

    I'm not sure what's going on. My directory says there are 190 files but if I select all the files in the directory it only shows 184. All my filters are off and I've tried to sync the folder as well. BTW I'm using LR 6
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    Export Collection Set as a catalog

    I have a collection set with multiple collections in it. I want to export it as a separate catalog to put on an external HDD with the digital negative files (photos). Is there a way to do this? It seem to only give the option export as a catalog for an individual collections not a collection...
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    Merge to HDR filename

    Is there a way to have LR automatically add the HDR extension to a filename when using Merge to HDR option and Edit if edit in photoshop is choosen, Pano with merge to panorama and Focus with merge to layers without having to change the filename preference in an external editor for each situation?
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    Book Module Caption help

    I'm trying to create a book in LR 5 and need some clarifications on a few issues. 1) I created a 4 photo layout from the predefined layouts. Then I dragged 4 photos to the layout. Right clicked and unchecked zoom photo to fill cell for each photo. I then checked the box for photo text, set it...
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    Survey View and picks

    I was watching a tutorial on LR4. After selecting several pictures in the filmstrip he could hit the P key to select the highlighted photo in Survey View (N). On my computer if I hit P in the survey view all the pics in the survey view get a flag. Is there an option to fix this so it selects...
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    Selecting pics in LR4

    In LR3 I would pick my photos from multimple directories and create a collection of all the flagged photos. Then I would flag the pics from the collection to fine tune. LR4 has made the flag a global not local flag so I can't do that workflow. Any suggestions on a similar workflow in LR4? Is...
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    Merge Laptop Catalog into Desktop Main Catalog

    I created a catalog for photos I shot over the weekend on a mac LR4. I flagged, rated and created a collection in that catalog. I want to transfer that info into my main catalog LR4 Win7. I imported my memory stick into my main catalog desktop and created a generic keyword, location info...
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    Copy part of catalog to another catalog

    I have most of my photos in a main catalog. Recently I imported photos (Dir A) to a new catalog that I will delete as I don't plan on keeping them. I made a mistake and imported another shoot (Dir B) to the new catalog and did flagging and rating to the photos. I need to get all the info from...
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    Delete 2.0 Catalog Previews

    I have catalogs that were created in the "C:\Users\Valued Customer\Documents\Adobe\Lightroom Catalog\Drill Team" directory using Version 2.0. I upgraded to 3.0 and have my catalogs on a separte drive. I don't want to remove the lightroom 2 catalogs as I don't know if I still want them but would...
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    Restoring photos after hard drive crash

    My data hard drive crashed. It was the main drive I used to edit photos with in LR/Photoshop. I did however backup my pictures at the time of download to one additional internal drive and an external. My LR catalog as also on the non crashed internal drive. I've copied the photos back to a...