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  1. joshua

    JPG Histogram Significantly different after RAW export (Both color spaces PrpPhoto RGB)

    I've just processed a wedding and exported my DNG files to RGB. All the histograms are somewhat different (DNG to JPGS) but some underexposed image are exporting and looking terrible. Below are 2 histograms of the same image exported (DNG and the other JPG). Why are these histograms so...
  2. joshua

    Anyone using Dropbox Smart Sync successfully with Lightroom Classic?

    I sort of buried this question in the other thread but I've done some more googling without success. I now understand how Lightroom CC / Cloud works for storage offline but I'm curious... Has anyone used Dropbox Smart Sync successfully with Lightroom Classic? I've love to hear any thoughts!
  3. joshua

    Getting my collection in the cloud... Best way to make that happen?

    Hey there.. I've been out of the Lightroom scene for a number of years and just getting back into it now. A lot has happened since I've been away including Lightroom CC and Dropbox Smart Sync. I have probably about 500gb of photos in my Lightroom Classic catalog that's currently on my HD...
  4. joshua

    Best way to rebuild my catalog?

    Never mind. I'm a dope. Figured it out. Feel free to delete this.
  5. joshua

    lightroom always starting up w/ iPad import dialog (even w/ no iPad plugged in)

    for some reason my copy of LR (3.2) opens up w/ an import dialog for importing from an iPad - lists 16 photos that have a unavailable preview - and there is no iPad plugged in. this happens every time i launch LR and i can't find a setting to clear this behavior. any ideas? thanks. -- joshua
  6. joshua

    Lightroom 3.0 Beta 2 is Up!

    [From Adobe PR] Hi, I thought you would like to know that Adobe today released an update to its Photoshop Lightroom 3 beta software, available immediately through Adobe Labs. Building on the success of the first Lightroom 3 beta, which was downloaded by more than 35',''' photographers...
  7. joshua

    Lightroom 2.6 Hangs Upon Startup.

    Hi old friends... My LR 2.6 install, which was working perfectly until about a hour ago now, well, isn't. When I launch Lightroom (OS X 1'.6 LR 2.6 MBPro ''9) it just sits on the welcome screen and hangs there. I held down the option key to allow the check integrity of data file and that's been...
  8. joshua

    Lightroom 3.0 Beta is Up! Lightroom 3 beta builds on the vision of the very first Lightroom beta. From day 1, Lightroom was designed for photographers and by photographers to help them focus on what they love—the art and craft of photography. Lightroom provides...
  9. joshua

    Endless loop in Web/Flash Export module?

    Anyone experience this behavior or have any ideas... I have 1'1 photos in a collection. I go the web module and choose "Lightroom Flash Gallery" and then LR seems to go en an endless loop... it starts to build the gallery but every time the image shows on the screen, it re-starts building the...
  10. joshua

    Turn off auto-import when iPhone is plugged in?

    Anyone one know of a way to not have LR open the import dialog when an iPhone is plugged in, but still have it pop up when a memory card is put in? -- Joshua
  11. joshua

    Moving multiple folders to another volume... bug?

    Hi. I have created a new folder on a different external volume. In this example, the folder is called "LR Volleyball" on volume "PhotoHD" When I select 4 folders from the internal HD "MacBook Pro" and drag them over, it appears like it's going to copy all four folders but in fact only does one...
  12. joshua

    Can we change this forum name now...

    that 2.' is shipping? :-)
  13. joshua

    Just one LR 2.0 beta?

    Has there been any updates to the beta or is it just that one version?
  14. joshua

    Renaming files - any clean way?

    I just imported about 35' photos and I realized I accidentally named them incorrectly. I can re-import them but I was wondering if I rename them in the finder will lightroom recognize the change - or is there some way to batch change them from within Lightroom itself? Thanks!
  15. joshua

    Protecting or Hiding photos?

    In the spirit of some earlier discussions, I've opted to put all of my photos into one large catalog... 18k+ photos and running pretty well. This brings up a new issue... I've recently taken some pictures for a client that are definitely NSFW, let alone really anyone else's eyes without their...
  16. joshua

    A Couple of Quick UI Questions...

    How do I enable/disable LR from showing the main mac menu (File, Edit, etc)... It shows up when I hover over w/ my pointer but I can't find where the setting is for having it always on (or off for that matter). Secondly, my toolbar in Develop mode that has the crop, etc (above the filmstrip)...
  17. joshua

    Catalog Management...

    Hi. My catalog has become bloated. I would like to move a few of my folders in my catalog (Let's call it "A") to a completely new catalog ("B"). What's the best way to do this? Thanks!
  18. joshua

    RAW and effect of White Balance...

    Hi, I am having a debate with a photo friend... does the white balance setting in camera have any _permanent_ effect on the raw file when shooting? Aka, if I have it set to 9''' in camera and then adjust it in Lightroom to something more applicable, is there any more noise or degradation versus...
  19. joshua

    Export Lightroom XMP files?

    Hi, I'm sure I'm just missing something but... I have edited a few raw files for a friend who doesn't use Lightroom, just Photoshop CS3... He sent me a few raw files to work on and I want to just send him back the xmp files so he can open them in Photoshop w/ and see the adjustments I made in...
  20. joshua

    How do I upgrade my 1.3.1 catalog to 2.0?

    Anyone figure out how to convert a 1.x catalog over to 2.'? I get the following error when trying: The Lightroom catalog named &#822';Lightroom Catalog” cannot be opened because it must be upgraded and the public beta of Lightroom 2.' does not currently support upgrading catalogs from earlier...
  21. joshua

    Shutterfly Export?

    Anyone come across a Lightroom to Shutterfly export? I've looked around and haven't seen one yet. Thanks!
  22. joshua

    CR2+JPEG vs CR2?

    As I am going thru my collection and removing numerous files not needed, i notice that some have extension/filetype as CR2, some have JPG, and some are "CR2+JPEG" - yet I have no idea how this happened or what it means exactly. Anyone care to shed some light?
  23. joshua

    Removing JPEGs when I have the RAW files...

    OK, for a while, I was taking pictures in both JPEG and RAW at the same time. I have since just moved over completely to raw and learned the errors of my ways. :-) I'd like to identify, remove, and delete all the extraneous JPEGs from my library that have identically named .CR2 (Canon's RAW)...
  24. joshua

    Viewing Flags in Develop Module

    I am going thru the develop module and while scrolling through, I'd love to be able to see whether or not a picture I am working on has been flagged as a pick or not... I can't seem to find any visual that tells me this while in this module (only when in the Library/Grid view it seems?) Any...
  25. joshua

    Removing erroneous keywords

    I inadvertently added a keyword to some of my photos that was misspelled. I've fixed those pictures with the newly correctly keyword but when I go to enter keywords on new imports, the 'auto-fill' feature keeps trying to suggest the old erroneous one. For example, the original keyword for...