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  1. Gnits

    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    I have a Thunderbolt enclosure, which holds all my images except those for the current year and a really fast M2 SSd internal drive, which stores my current years images. I have noticed, from time to time, when I access an image on the M2 drive, there is a distinct pause of several seconds...
  2. Gnits

    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    This is also an opportunity of starting all previews and caches from scratch, further reducing the possibility of legacy junk. I cannot remember if you will have the option to keep old previews, if so I suggest not to.
  3. Gnits

    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    I make a point (every 18 months or so) of exporting my catalog as a new catalog, creating a brand new empty catalog and then reimport the recently exported catalog into the empty new catalog. Select the options such that the existing images stay in their current location, especially with your...
  4. Gnits

    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    Very true… I had forgotten about that option. I have stopped using InDesign as my licence does not work any more, always regarded the interface as Non intuitive. Not worth my whike subscribing monthly for it. I use Affinity Publisher anytime I need to layout anything where PowerPoint is not...
  5. Gnits

    Raw+jpg file locations and workflow

    I suggest import jpgs and raw as separate files. After import, at a time that suits, select all the jpgs and put them into a subfolder called something like CameraJpgs. 1. That keeps your main screen uncluttered with twin versions. 2. You may have specific settings in camera which creates, say...
  6. Gnits

    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    I just remembered this technique. I know some people use/ configure the metadata display feature (Shortcut I) within the Library module (grid and loupe views) to display the metadata of interest, size the thumbnails or loupe view as required and do a screen grab. A bit sad that Adobe cannot...
  7. Gnits

    Printing contact sheets that include the IPTC data "Person Shown", "Event" and "Additional Info"

    Proper handling of metadata in the Lr print module has never been properly developed. Sadly, there is excellent functionality in the Slide Show module, but Adobe have never seen fit to port this into the Print module. There is a whole bunch of workarounds, which I have lost familiarity with...
  8. Gnits

    Catalogs M1 MacBook spontaneous Lightroom crashes due to uninitiated external drive ejections.

    There are a whole bunch of usb c cables out there which were not designed to cope with more recent standards such as 3.0, 3.1,3.2, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 etc. If you buy a Thunderbolt 3 /4 drive you will usually get a very thick and short Thunderbolt 3/4 compatible cable. Also, cables...
  9. Gnits

    Slow LrC startup

    I expect there are lots of plug-ins with absolutely no performance hit and others probably impact performance depending what features are used. I do not want to give the wrong impression regarding plug-ins. However, they are an obvious target to check if you do run into performance issues.
  10. Gnits

    Slow LrC startup

    Just fyi. I ran a query on a catalog with 800k images using 2 different plug-ins to get to a specific field / image status. It took between 24-36 hours. I use one of these plug-ins regularly. I ran an SQL query to find the same data on a copy of the catalog and it took 2-3 mins. The main...
  11. Gnits

    Slow LrC startup

    Try excluding your Catalog and related files (eg Previews) from any antivirus software scans. Also consider excluding your images repository (if images only). Maybe a Windows update has disturbed some user settings.... (I stopped customising Office menus because Windows / Office updates kept...
  12. Gnits

    Duplicate and Triplicate Imports since 11.4.1

    If the issue is confined to thumbnails then I suggest you delete the preview files. Lr will rebuild them as it needs them, or you can build them overnight as a batch job. The preview files can sometimes accumulate junk, which can lead to unpredictable behaviour. I clear out my preview...
  13. Gnits

    Duplicate and Triplicate Imports since 11.4.1

    As a temporary measure, is it feasible to copy the images from card to computer outside of Lr and once in the desired location import to Lr using Add rather than Copy. Having the files already copied to their destination might avoid the bug scenario. There are lots of reasons why you might...
  14. Gnits

    Location of rating / filter panels

    In Grid Mode, there are filter options along the top and bottom of the screen. The bottom filters are contained within a tool bar, which can be turned on and off using the letter T. Further the tool bar can be configured to include flagging and rating options. There are options to hide or...
  15. Gnits

    Process for returning to LrC from Lr?

    I agree with tspear. In my case I am sticking with Classic. I have decided not to use the Mobile version until I can properly use external storage on an iPad/iPhone. My use case would be remote and unable to synch, so do not want to be constantly worried my iPad would fill up. Would like to...
  16. Gnits

    HDD or SSD for working drive?

    I built a ver high spec Ryzen based workstation, got the best possible motherboard, built to handle heat and multiple high end flu’s, with the latest Pcie4 and installed the fasted M2 Pcie drives, which had crazy high MB/s performance and 64GB of the fastest memory I could source. I dedicated...
  17. Gnits

    Merits of using a 2K vs. 4K monitor

    I am mostly Windows based but familiar with using Mac. I was forced to upgrade my monitor due to the failure of my previous 27inch Dell. I agonised between 2k and 4k. My biggest worry was opting for 2k and then discovering within a short while that I should have gone for 4k. I eventually opted...
  18. Gnits

    What can I do when I am away from my editing pc?

    My own view is that if travelling for as long as 2 months and working professionally, I would prefer to work with Lr Classic, using a local catalog just for the Greek trip and merging this with your main catalog when you return to Germany. If travelling for a short personal trip I would be more...
  19. Gnits

    Listing of all photos in folders in LRC catalog that are not in LRC

    The plug-in can be configured simply to reduce the number of columns transferred to Excel. Once in Excel delete all columns leaving only the combined full path and file name. Place this in column 1, so you can easily paste the list of paths from Explorer in column 2. Now you are well placed to...
  20. Gnits

    Listing of all photos in folders in LRC catalog that are not in LRC

    To Califdan ... Very useful technique... worth remembering...
  21. Gnits

    Listing of all photos in folders in LRC catalog that are not in LRC

    Here is a short explanation to generate a list of Lr images and a separate list of images in Explorer. Simply paste both lists into Excel and use the Conditional Formatting / Find Duplicates to highlight matching entries. The items not highlighted are missing from one list or the other...
  22. Gnits

    Listing of all photos in folders in LRC catalog that are not in LRC

    There are several plug-ins that allow you export a list of files or file paths from Lightroom. That gives you a list of what is in Lr. There are several methods to get a list from Windows of all the file names or paths. You can paste these into 2 columns in Excel and Excel can tiell you which...
  23. Gnits

    Catalogs External SSD recommendations ?

    Check if you can get various flavours of USB 3.1 or 3.2 . While 3.2 is not as good as Thunderbolt.... it may be a workable option . and a lot better than waiting for the next upgrade cycle. Native Thunderbolt on motherboards is a fairly recent development, so lots of very recent...
  24. Gnits

    Automatic preview purging.

    Yes. That new feature caught my eye and looks really promising.
  25. Gnits

    Import order based on initial filename

    I regularly help others deal with fixing issues caused by : 1. Multiple DCIM folders on the SD card ... resulting in duplicate filenames... 2. Issues related to reviewing images in sequence for high speed (ie 10,20,30 shots per second) action capture. Most photographers may never experience...