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  1. johnbeardy

    Nik and DXO

    An interesting development. See DxO acquires Nik Collection from Google and will continue to offer it for free... for now - DXO bought Nik and say a new Nik Collection 2018 Edition is planned for mid-next year.
  2. johnbeardy

    Tip -Signing into Adobe with Google and FB

    From today there is a change to signing into Adobe which is very handy for CC users who share photos/shoots via LrMobile. I wrote up the change here but the big deal was that if you ever tried sharing photos from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you could only get feedback if the other person had an...
  3. johnbeardy

    Plugin Preview – jb-X-LR

    As mentioned in this thread, I've been working on a plugin to handle Fuji film simulations in Lightroom. If you want to see what I've done, see Plugin Preview – jb-X-LR – Lightroom Solutions. It does four things: Reads the film simulation from the raw file Applies the corresponding Camera...
  4. johnbeardy

    Thoughts on SSD for PC tower

    I'm toying with replacing my Windows 7 desktop computer's system drive with an SSD. Maybe it will give faster startup - though I only startup once a day - but I'm also hoping for faster performance generally. Has anyone experience of this? John
  5. johnbeardy

    Non-native English speakers or those keywording in multiple llanguages....

    Please take a look at this thread . I'm struggling to understand what problem the poster has with my solution of using synonyms and it might help to have other voices in there. John
  6. johnbeardy

    PC self builders out there?

    I'm trying to put together a shopping list for a self build PC optimised for image editing (not games). I've never built one before but have happily swapped hard drives and graphics cards etc so feel I can handle it.... My goal is 12Gb of RAM on Win7 64 bit on an Intel multi-core processor. 4...
  7. johnbeardy


    Anyone using LR on Windows netbooks? Just looking for recommendations, not for myself though. The main need is for in the field storage and adding metadata, not serious processing. John
  8. johnbeardy

    Card detection - Mac settings

    I have LR2's "show import when card detected" preferences set to No, and LR3's preferences set to Yes. But every time I attach my camera, LR2 fires up. I suspect there must be some Mac setting (Leopard) that I've overlooked. Any pointers? John
  9. johnbeardy

    Unscheduled Lake District workshop (UK)

    Lakeland Photographic Holidays have had to cancel a trip to Tuscany (because of the closure of UK airspace). They now have availability on their Lake District workshops this week, and if you're based in the UK and can get time off, I've stayed there a couple of times and recommend them. For...
  10. johnbeardy

    On the many-headed evils of controlling your pictures with more than one catalogue

    It's hard enough to keep control of your pictures, thousands of them, without fragmenting your control across a series of catalogues. In theory you can do so, and Lightroom offers some tools to help you, but realistically and in the long term you don't want to make things any more complicated...
  11. johnbeardy

    Do you use Auto Sync mode?

    I use Auto Sync mode all the time and think it's one of LR's very best features and a huge time saver when adjusting large numbers of pictures. I'm just curious, do other people use it? John
  12. johnbeardy

    A question for Mac users

    A couple of weeks ago I helped two Aperture users move over to Lightroom, but during our session one of them asked about basic DVD production. Little though I know about Mac things, this led to my showing them how iDVD can see Aperture projects and use their previews. Though they were still...
  13. johnbeardy

    Aperture 2 Annouonced

    Aperture 2 Announced Not a lot to excite. Smart filters let you include adjustments in queries, but a load of tidying up and stuff like "Vibrancy". John