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    Syncing in LR5

    I have been learning how to sync the spot removal. Part of the syncing is to bring up a preset. Is it possible to save the preset so that when I open an other image with the dust spots then it is automatically applied? TIA
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    LR 4.3 final release & Canon sx50 raw

    I was thinking about buying the Canon sx50. Has anyone tried LR 4.3 and the crw files? I am using PS5 so I am not sure if 4.3 will import the files and if I can export them as TIFF and PS5 will open them? TIA
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    Edit in CS5 not working in 4.3

    I downloaded and installed it. So far so good - I didn't explore all of the program - except for choosing the external editor. The program quite rightly chooses Photoshop CS5 as the editor but refuses to open in CS5 stating that an external editor isn't selected. I checked preferences and it is...
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    Tutorial videos.

    Is it ok to post a video from another source? If not then I am sure Victoria will delete if inappropriate. If the link has been posted before then I apologise for not finding it. Very informative. I finally understand all of the controls. Before I had...
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    Import defaults

    I have an import preset that is applied to all images on import. I like using the clipping warnings by pressing j on the keyboard. Is it possible to add this to the preset? Can't seem to see anything on the preset settings to add it. TIA.
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    Gradient tool

    When I use the gradient tool it starts out at a slope and straightening it up is tricky. I know you can click on the center line and a little symbol can be moved to align the tool but even this isn't ideal. Are there any other "tricks" that can be used? It is certainly cumbersome compared with...
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    Whether to use Auto Tone at Import (was from How do I prevent Lightroom from Auto...)

    As a side note, I was surprised to read in Martin Evening's book on LR 4 that he advises users to turn on auto adjust in import preferences. An experienced user of LR I think should encourage the use of adjustments manually without resorting to a wild guess from the Adobe engineers? Mod note...
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    Lr4 & acr 7.0

    I am getting a bit confused by the issue of sending images from LR4 to Photoshop. I seems that "all will be well" when ACR 7.0 is released. The question I have is will ACR 7.0 be exclusively part of PS 6CS? Will it also be a stand alone update that can be loaded into PS5? If not then are Adobe...
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    Starting to get confused

    I have a catalogue of about 5000 images created in LR3. I opened it in LR3 and without upgrading the catalogue I imported about 40 images created in LR4. I am now left wondering about mixing these images and what effect it will have? The LR4 images open OK in LR3.
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    Would I be correct in stating that there hasn't been any improvements in the cataloguing with respect to LR3 & LR4 ,only on the processing?
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    Default preset

    I have created a default preset with everything zeroed. When I open an image the default is honoured but when I move to the next image the camera calibration changes from standard to Vivid v4. I have tried update with current settings, set default settings and even trashed preferences. With the...
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    In lightroom you can press CTRL +E to transfer to Photoshop. I take it there isn't a shortcut to transfer as a smart object? The full Photoshop has the ability to create shortcuts but not lightroom.
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    Dual monitors

    I am using two monitors, one with the tools etc on it and one with a full screen view. The one with the full screen view is the better one and calibrated. the inferior one isn't calibrated but if I did calibrate it the brightness would still be different. On the inferior one the flashing...
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    Keyboard functions.

    When i use the up & down arrows in ACR to adjust the tint slider the arrows move in increments of +1 & -1, however trying the same in LR3 it jumps by increments of 3 or 4. Any ideas why the two programs are different? Obviously my keyboard is functioning correctly. TIA
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    catalogue settings.

    In edit >catalogue settings I have tried to set > When lightroom next exits ....but it always defaults to > Once a week when exiting lightroom. A known bug? TIA