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    2015.2.1 lost control to change thumbnail size

    Previously there was a button on the panel between the filmstrip and grid where one could add the thumbnail size control as well as some other optional things in that panel. Now the panel is locked down and nothing can be added to it and the ability to change the size of the thumbnails hidden...
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    published status in collection folder view

    There is a handy feature in the publish collection area: If I click on a folder containing 1 or more publish collections, all the images in all the galleries contained in that folder show up. If I then click Publish Now, LR will work it's way through, publishing gallery by gallery. However...
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    Anchor a panorama?

    Is there any way to tell LR (or PS), which of a series of images to be stitched which one I want in the center? I need a cylindrical result, not perspective or spherical. The series is a 360 degree sequence, with 20% overlap. I am doing a series of panoramas of the same scene over time. How...
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    LR 5.7.1 locking up whole system

    The past few days I've been struggling with LR going into the splash screen on startup and then freezing there. For the next 10 minutes or so, I can work with other programs, but after about 10 minutes, everything else I have open freezes and becomes non-responsive, and I cannot start any new...
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    spell check captions and long captions

    I am working on a project that requires long captions on many of the photos, preferably broken up into paragraphs. Is there any alternative to the little text box in the metadata panel?
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    editing multiple captions at one time doesn't seem to work any more.

    In the past, I'd often give the same caption to a set of selected photos. Recently I noticed that the caption is set only for the target photo, and I have to copy and paste one by one to get the captions copied over. I used to get a warning about applying to multiple items, but that no longer...
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    titles disappearing and other odd behaviors

    LR 5.6 on Windows 7 64bit; 115,000 images Several times in the past few days, I've entered a title and when I hit enter, it disappears. I have to shut down LR and restart before I can get it to accept a title for that image. I can go to another image and the title field works fine, but when I...
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    LR 5.3 intermittent not responding

    I've been using LR a long time, upgraded to 5.3 when it came out. Today, while doing a task I've done before, namely create a large smart collection (25,000 images) and going through it to update keywords. I click on a thumbnail and the whirling not responding circle comes up briefly. I shift...
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    Rotate crop

    In the past, if I open an image in develop, hit the crop button, hit the letter x, the crop will rotate 90 degrees. For example I have a series of photos with horizontal orientation out of which I want to crop an 8x10 vertical. My approach in the past was to crop one the way I want, then sync...
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    Publish to smugmug stopped working

    I got the attached message when I attempted to publish a new gallery. I've not converted to the new smugmug yet, and I'm still using LR 4.4 Any suggestions?
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    Need to smart collect all images published in a time frame

    I have a need to build a smart collection that has all published images with capture dates in a certain time frame. In the rules for smart collections I see Published and Published Via. but the only thing I can associate to them are words that "contain", "don't contain", etc. Is there any way...
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    Capture time sort incorrect

    I sorted by capture time and discovered that an image with a capture time date/time of <date> 12:03:51 PM is listed before one with same date 12:06:15 AM. This is not correct and is causing me a lot of problems organizing shoots that include images and video captured after midnight...
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    reset pre-rendering?

    I'm not sure what search terms I might use to find out if anyone has the answer to my question. When I have a second monitor hooked up and I'm importing files, the very first time an image loads there is a fraction of a second when the image looks much richer (sometimes too rich, i.e. too dark)...
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    Quick Time not installed

    What problem does not having quick time installed produce? I haven't seen anything. This message pops up with a link which goes to the apple home page, which provides absolutely no clue as to where the download for the windows 7 version might be. I use VLC and Sony Vegas Studio for video...
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    view ratings in survey mode?

    Apparently something is wrong with my installation of 4.2. The Adobe site says: "Note: Ratings, flags, and labels are always available beneath photos displayed in the Compare and the Survey views." And I recall seeing them in survey mode before. However, with 4.2, they are no longer visible...
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    Info display on 2nd monitor

    I can not seem to get a handle on how to get the image information to display or not display on the second monitor, where I typically have either the loupe or compare view open while working in Library or Develop mode. Sometimes the information is not present at all, which mostly is what I...
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    Peculiar renaming problem in need of solution

    Without going into how I got here, my situation is thus: The LR catalog, which includes quite a few virtual images, shows the files in the XYZ folder as being named ArtFest2012_001_DSC08765.ARW with corresponding .xmp files. I had a crash and lost the original files, however I now have in the...
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    corrupted image file?

    While looking for some images taken back in 2005 through 2008 I have come across a really peculiar condition. some of my image files are still there, but are no longer image files. In some galleries, the corrupted files show as blanks illustrated above. When I double click on one of these...
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    Export preset editing?

    I had a set of six presets in the export dialog under a group named "Prints." When I originally added these presets, each pointed to a distinct folder that I had named with name I assigned to that preset, e.g. Prints/DA, Prints/Hugin work area, and so forth. When I needed to do an export to...
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    100% crop technique

    How do I use the crop tool to select a 100% detail crop from a larger image? In other words, suppose I have a 4000x4000 pixel image and I want to make a crop that is 500x500 pixels from some part of the bigger image. I want to post both the full size image (to Smugmug) as well as a detail...
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    How to crop out a 100% detail sample

    Is there any precise method for creating a virtual copy and cropping of piece of it to exactly 100%? Currently, I guess with the crop rectangle and test by double clicking on the cropped image and seeing how much smaller or bigger it gets. I can get reasonably close, but I would like to be...
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    virtual copies "disappear"

    I had made a couple of virtual copies of an image, the original copy I gave 2 stars, but both of the virtual copies got 5 stars. At some point, when things were getting too cluttered, I issued the global stack everything command from the context menu. When I applied the 5 star filter the...
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    Tone curving

    I was worried that the changes in the development module would play havoc with a technique I've been using in LR3 to enhance images. I am finding that direct work on the tonal curve is a great way to develop an image, both when done with a delicate touch for a "normal" image and when done...
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    keyword multiple photos and second monitor

    This is the situation: I have a very nice 24" monitor I use for the second monitor. It's where I preview development and search for things and so forth. So I'll have LR 4 in Library mode and I'll have the grid showing on the second monitor. I select a bunch of images out of a shoot that need...
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    error uploading video to smugmug (LR4)

    I had not succeeded in uploading video in LR3 using the publish module. Now with LR4 I'm getting a specific error message: See attachment (I hope -- the attachment management popup is confusing, since it won't let me drag per the instructions on it) The video is a regular mpg, only 43MB.