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    Keeping Select 1:1 Previews

    Hi, Is there any way to keep 1:1 Previews for only a select amount of images when File Handling is set to Automatically Discard 1:1 Previews under Catalog Settings? Thanks in advance, Grayson
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    Reference View

    Hello: I have a perpetual license of Lightroom 6 (version 6.8). Does this support the new Reference View in the Develop module, or is that feature only available in Lightroom CC? Thanks, Grayson
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    Best Configuration for Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6

    Hi: I am wondering what is the best configuration for handing off files from Lightroom 6 (version 6.6) to Photoshop CS6 (Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw version I am working a Windows 7 64-bit machine? The reason I ask is that I have been getting a new dialog box. Also, instead of...
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    Exporting Layered TIFF files

    Hi: This may be a silly question, but is it possible to export layered TIFF (or PSD fort hat matter) files contained in a Lightroom library so that they retain their individual layers/without being flattened?
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    Updated to Lightroom 6.3 and Unable to Add Music to Slideshow: Urgent Help Needed

    Hello: I just updated to Lightroom 6.3 and I am now unable to add music to a slideshow. I get the following message: Add Music Results > Some music files could not be added > The music file is not well formed. (1) > Song name I have tried multiple mp3 songs which play fine and have been used...
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    Lightroom 6.2 and Photoshop CS6

    Hello: I currently use Photoshop CS6 (Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw Version and Lightroom 6. Photoshop CS6 shows as fully updated. I just updated to Lightroom 6.2, and I am getting a message when I go to edit raw files in Photoshop CS6 from Lightroom 6.2 about Lightroom 6.2 requiring...
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    Wanted: Plug-In to Assign Star Ratings

    Hi: My editing workflow includes a gallery software that records my client's image selections in an *.xls file format. I need a plug-in which will assign a star rating to the files contained in the *.xls file. I currently have to rate the images by hand, which is both time consuming and...
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    Unable to Apply Presets to Multiple Images in Lightroom 6.1

    Hi everyone: I have been unable to apply a saved preset to a group of multiple images in Lightroom 6.1. I have been going to Library > Quick Develop > Saved Preset. However it only applies the preset to the Most Selected Image, not the entire group of selected images. I don't know why they...
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    Lightroom 5 and Photoshop Camera Raw Update

    Hi: I am currently running Lightroom 5.7 and Camera Raw 8.7, and Photoshop CS6. There was a recent Camera Raw update in Photoshop CS6 (I think to version Immediately after that, when I edit a Lightroom 5 raw file in Photoshop, the Photoshop image looks very washed out. Can you...
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    Lightroom 5 won't copy develop settings

    Hi: My installation of Lightroom 5 is not copying my develop settings from one image to another. Is there any way to fix it?
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    Camera Not Found During Tethered Shooting Session

    Hello: I am really frustrated. I was shooting a newborn photography session this afternoon using a Nikon D800 and a tethered connection to a Windows 8 notebook. I was able to take about twenty pictures successfully using the a tethered connection using Lightroom 5.7. However, I closed...
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    Audio Problem in Lightroom 5.6

    Hello: When I create a slideshow in Lightrooom 5.6 with a MP3 soundtrack, I am getting a popping sound during playback. There is no such noise when I listen to the music track itself, so I assume Lightroom is creating it when it plays the slideshow. The popping noise is always there, even...
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    Urgent Lightroom Error

    Hello: I was working in Lightroom 5.4 when my power went out and my computer crashed. Lr was outputting some JPEG images to a folder. After I rebooted my computer, Lightroom starts to open, then gives an error message "Lightroom encountered an error reading from its preview cache and needs to...
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    Exporting and Importing Single Image Files

    Hi: Is it possible to export single raw images with Lightroom adjustments from Lightroom 5 to another computer, or do you have to export a complete folder as a catalog?
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    Transferring ratings from one folder to another

    Hello: I am a new member to this forum and a new Lightroom user (Lr5) as well. If I have two folders, one with raw images, and the other with identical JPEG images, is it possible to transfer the image ratings from the folder containing the raw files to the folder containing the JPEG images...