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  1. Geof Leigh

    Lightroom Classic 11.1 slideshow wrong captions shown

    When viewing the slideshow in Preview the wrong captions are shown for some images. It is OK when exported to a PDF. Is this a bug?
  2. Geof Leigh

    Map not visible after update to Lightroom Classic CC 8.0

    Updated to 8.0 yesterday and now the map does not appear, instead it says the map is offline. It was fine before the update. Anyone else had the same problem?
  3. Geof Leigh

    Import from another catalogue doesn't seem to work in Classic CC

    I have a more powerful but heavy laptop that I use for all my LR processing. I take a smaller laptop with me on my travels. Whilst on my travels I import photos to LR in the smaller laptop using a temporary catalogue. I do some basic edits. I then import them to my main laptop using File >...
  4. Geof Leigh

    Edit Exif data for lens

    I have recently bought a Sony Alpha 7 and am using it with vintage Minolta lenses which are manual (superb results btw). Of course this means lens data is not imported. I have searched the forums and found some posts dealing with this issue but the suggestions all seem messy or complex for a...
  5. Geof Leigh

    OnOne versus Nik Collection

    I use Lightroom 6 with Nik, mainly Color Effex. I have started to explore OnOne which seems to do a similar job. I have Photoshop but find Nik plugins easier and quicker to use. Does anyone have experience of both Nik and OnOne and what do you see are the pros and cons of both. Thanks in advance...