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    How to sync with LR Mobile (and maybe Lightroom CC) without getting many duplicates?

    Interesting. I've thought about using using LR Mobile on iPhone to move images, taken with iPhone and LR camera, to a folder on my Lightroom Classic. As an early part of my workflow I change the name of the file in LR Classic. Would LR still see this image as a duplicate and reimport it from the...
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    Import Interaction between LR Classic and (new) LR Cloud

    Operating System: MAC 10.13.2 LR Classic 7.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I have a LR Classic subscription (including LR CC with 20GB Limit on cloud), and Photoshop. My primary use of LR will be the Classic. How do you limit / control the photos that go into the cloud / LR CC?
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    Filmstrip Problem

    Yes resetting the LightRoom preferences solved both issues - Many thanks
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    Filmstrip Problem

    Many thanks I'll do that. It might also solve another issue that appeared. I now have two strips between the LR menu strip and the LR Module strip. One has the LR Catalogue with its location and the second the same with a plus sign on the RHS to add another catalogue.
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    Filmstrip Problem

    Hi, The top black edge to my filmstrip has disappeared, the one with filters etc. So I can't resize the filmstrip amongst other things. Anyone any ideas to fix it? I'm running LR CC on a Mac with Sierra 10.12.2 I attach the screenshot if that helps Many thanks