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    File could not be renamed

    I’ve been using the same import file-renaming preset for years without incident, but yesterday, during a routine import, there was a message that one file out of the thirty or so on my card could not be renamed (see screenshot); it was imported without problem. Even once imported, when I tried...
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    Using Time Machine to back up Lightroom and image files with Synology RT2600ac and external drive

    My actual question is in the last paragraph. The other paragraphs set what I hope will be useful context. The disk in our Time Capsule has died. I’m using it as only a router for now (ethernet connection to Verizon Fios), and have ordered a Synology RT2600ac router because it can 1) serve as a...
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    Lightroom Classic not inviting backup upon closing

    Last summer I updated from El Capitan to Mojave and from Lightroom CC (c. 2015) to Lightroom Classic (currently using 9.3). I have my main catalog and files on my MacBook Pro and two other catalogs (call them 1 and 2) and their files on their own external drives. Although I’m posting the...
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    Number of photos said to be in a collection appears to be incorrect

    In some of my collections (not all), the number of images to the right of the collection name is not the same as the number of images that appear in the grid mode (the filters are off.) In the attached screen shot, the collection would appear to have 27 images, but only 19 show up in the grid...
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    Using Time Machine to back up an external drive dedicated to Lightroom

    I recently began to use Adobe Lightroom 5 (I continue to use Aperture, as I have for years). All of the Lightroom image files and catalogs are on one external hard drive, which I use on my iMac, my Macbook Pro, and in the digital labs of a school where I'm taking a course. Not yet having...