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  1. Kirby Krieger

    If no Color Labels and use LrW ➞LrC, better solution for mobile labeling than keywords?

    Having just set up LrW to use the Lr camera in the Lr App in my attempt to streamline my iPhone photography workflow, I also just found out LrW does not support Color Labels, which I use extensively in LrC to mark the development status of each photo. (If interested: Don't Delete; Develop...
  2. Kirby Krieger

    New Workflow: iPhone➞LrClassic. Some leftover Q's

    I am moving my iPhone workflow from the Apple platform (Camera, photos, and Cloud) to Adobe (LrMobile & camera, Adobe cloud, LrClassic. I am comfortable with LrClassic. I want LrClassic to store, process, and serve my iPhone photos. I have gotten LrMobile and LrClassic set up so that photos...
  3. Kirby Krieger

    Travel Catalog w multiple file folders

    Hi. I've confused myself again. I'm trying to create a robust workflow for importing files into a travel catalog, adding keywords from my extensive keyword list, including Faces (not critical), and merging the travel catalog to my main catalog _and move files into existing folders on my main...
  4. Kirby Krieger

    Complex Smart Collection: No KW other than A, B, C.

    Is there any way to set up a Smart Collection that will show Photos which have no keywords other than A or B or C? I tried using Any Filter, but I haven't understood the syntax.
  5. Kirby Krieger

    Library module Paste _Keywords_ From Previous ... How to?

    What is the simplest way to do for Keywords what the command "Photo ▹ Develop Settings ▹ Paste Settings From Previous" does for develop settings? I can't find this as a command (or mentioned in this forum). I would use it enough to write a Keyboard Maestro macro for it. For that, I need a...
  6. Kirby Krieger

    Menu command and/or keyboard shortcut for Set Poster Frame?

    I write macros in Keyboard Maestro to automate many tasks I face in Lightroom. I would like to automate setting the poster frame of a video at the current insertion point. The only way I know to access this command is via the unconventional drop-down menu that shows on the far right of the...
  7. Kirby Krieger

    Still generating conflicts in metadata. How to compare disk v. catalog?

    Even after resolving all metadata conflicts (I got no conflicts over the course of several opening/closings of Lightroom and several reboots of my computer, Lightroom continues to create/find conflicts in metadata. (Afaik, I'm not doing anything that might trigger these. No satellite or...
  8. Kirby Krieger

    Gah — used copy of Catalog & Catalog over three days. How to merge/recover?

    I screwed up. I moved a large Catalog to a new drive, launched Lightroom by double-clicking the Catalog file on that drive, and assumed that LR would now default to this Catalog. Which is does when you launch Lightroom via the Lightroom program. I overlooked that I launch Lightroom from...
  9. Kirby Krieger

    Is there a way to tell when LR is done writing XMP files?

    Is there a way to tell when LR is done writing XMP files? I have Lightroom set up to do this because I lost work once with a corrupted Catalog. When I'm doing Catalog maintenance, it would help me to know when Lightroom is done writing the XMP files. Thx.
  10. Kirby Krieger

    Huge catalogs ... is SSD advantageous?

    Hi. I have two _very large_ image catalogs (one is over 1,000,000 Photos, the other just under; nothing special, I'm doing some experimental artwork). Simple (?) question: what is the fastest storage, other than an SSD system drive (which I have) on which to keep them? The answer may be just...
  11. Kirby Krieger

    Dynamic Link failure; Can't play Slideshows

    I have been bit by this gremlin. Searching this forum and the Web turned up others with identical and similar problems. No-one has found a solution. Help please. When I play a slideshow I get the following error message: "Dynamic Link Media Server failed to launch / Slideshow playback is...
  12. Kirby Krieger

    Library module Keyboard shortcuts for moving video on frame?

    Operating System: 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.1 [ 1148620 ] Is there a way — or any way to create — keychords (keyboard shortcuts) or mouse/trackpad/scrolling that will advance/retract video frame-by-frame? The only way I have been able to move frame-by-frame...
  13. Kirby Krieger

    Library module Update Faces thumbnails?

    Operating System: 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 My Faces thumbnails are not updated when changes are made to the Photo (e.g.: I lighten an underexposed head). How do I update them to be based on the as-currently-developed Photo?
  14. Kirby Krieger

    Library module Create Virtual Copies from Faces thumbnails data

    Operating System: 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Is there any way to create Virtual Copies of Photos with the crop (and rotation) equal to the data saved in the Photo's metadata? I want to create (and stack) Virtual Copies that match the Faces...
  15. Kirby Krieger

    New Mac for LR Classic

    Operating System:10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] My early-2013 MBP died today (battery/power failure; prob. c. $200 to fix, 7-day turnaround). I have been ready to replace it for some time. What is a good sweet-spot* purchase for a Mac to run...
  16. Kirby Krieger

    Tag in Finder, Import and show Tags?

    Hi. Is there a recommended workflow for marking (tagging, labeling, rating, ... changing the file name) files in Finder (Mac) prior to importing into Lightroom so that the marked files are easily found? Finder color labels are not recognized by Lightroom. (They were recognized by Aperture...
  17. Kirby Krieger

    Setting up variation on Travel Catalog

    I'm setting up a variation on a Travel Catalog, loosely based on what The Lightroom Queen calls the "Import from a Temporary Catalog" method of working on two machines (The Missing FAQ, pp. 492 ff.). My goal is to have a satellite Catalog (with keywords) into which I can import and work on...
  18. Kirby Krieger

    Sync sync sync syncing interfering with macros.

    I'm using several macros as I work with Lightroom (all written in and executed by the excellent Keyboard Maestro). These worked flawlessly until yesterday. Since then, they have mostly failed. In Lightroom I notice that there are several (even as many as a dozen) "Sync" commands in my "Edit ▹...
  19. Kirby Krieger

    Map of keyboard shortcuts?

    Can anyone point me to a map of Lightroom keyboard shortcuts? I have the Lightroom Queen's handy list as a PDF — I'm looking for a way to determine the key bindings by key (rather than by function). I will use it to assign plug-in shortcuts as sensibly as possible, while not over-riding or...
  20. Kirby Krieger

    Smart Collection Rule tripped by keyword "HeadDetail"

    I posted this to another thread and got no response; I'm creating a new thread in the hope that someone can help me. I have made some progress figuring this out. Originally I couldn't understand why the rule (1) {Keywords}{ends with}{Detail} produced results that were at odds with my...
  21. Kirby Krieger

    Easy way to create hundreds of Smart Folders?

    I'm porting several large and one huge database from Aperture to Lightroom (and I'm happy to make the switch — they each have their strengths, and I'm enjoying almost everything about Lightroom). One task facing me is creating new Smart Collections. I need to make at least a couple hundred...