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  1. akrabat

    Sync woes: Would a new catalog help?

    I've been having sync issues for a while, so I recently completely reset the cloud side on Thursday, by: Uninstalling Lr for iPhone from my iPhone XS. Deleted the library on Lightroom Web by going to, clicking on the Lightroom icon, selecting "Account Info" and...
  2. akrabat

    Automatically deleting photos from iPhone Camera Roll after import to Lightroom

    It fascinates me that this feedback item has next to no interest. It irritates me no end that the auto import to Lightroom functionality doesn't delete the photo that it's just imported from the Camera Roll. Do most people delete manually later or just not use their iPhones with Lightroom...
  3. akrabat

    LR3: Exclude iPhone from import

    One of the most annoying things about Lightroom 3 is that whenever I start it up, it opens up the import dialog as my iPhone is connected to the computer. Is there any way to tell it not to do this for the iPhone only? Obviously, I want it to continue to offer to import the images from my D8''s...