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    4K video importing

    If I import 4K video into LR. Does LR convert it to 1080 or does it stay 4K?-- Reason for question I would like to extract jpeg from several frames in the 4K video. Nice way to shoot sport. Bigbob
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    Removing cache files

    Is it OK to remove cache files? I have about 30. bob LR 4.3
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    External HD going - Copied all to new HD

    MY 2 YEAR OLD HD is acting up. I was told to buy a new external HD and transfer everything to it. (took 3 hrs.) On my new external HD I have all my pix and my catalog. Now LR can't find pix or catalog. Bob
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    Importing V4

    I can import images from card. Thumb nails show up on screen. When I double click one thumb nail it opens a postage size image instead of a large image. Is this a V4 thing? Bob
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    Slide module

    Unable to create a PDF slide show. Has anyone had this problem? bob
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    Unable to see External HD in Lightroom

    Using a small external HD called Passport 1tb, I plug it into my computers usb 2 port. Open up LR 3.2 In library mode on the left it show computer HD but not the External HD. What is the problem? bob
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    Import images from flash card - on right I check make copy. I picked my external HD - Added folder I named BACK UP. This shows up under make copy. I also check rename images. Destination put in sub folder - all in one folder.Hit import.. I get msg unable to backup to external drive - unable to...
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    moving image from LR beta 2 into LR 3

    I just installed LR 3 on My external HD with a new Catalog. I was able to import all my images. I have no collections or history. How would get this information into LR 3? big bob :-\
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    beta 3.2 print module

    I am using epson 288' printer. How can a print 8x1' (using 11x8.5 paper} with 2 sides flush? This would allow for only 2 cuts to trim to 8x1'. I can do this on my HP printer using PC the image is flush top and one side. bob
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    beta 3.2 top bar

    I just downloaded Lightroom 3.2 on my new laptop. The top bar File - Edit - Library is white can't see the names file - edit or any of the others. Is there a fix. Bob No problem on my iMac.
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    Beta 3 freezes downloading from card.

    I have a SDHC card in reader. Start down loading 8' images import stops at image 21 just freezes. I have 4 AVI files on the card. The only way I can get it to down load the rest of the images is to open the folder on the desktop and remove the AVI files and redownload. I know LR does not...
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    Quick Develp - Library

    PC computer LR3 Library - I have Quick Develop - In Mac V. there is no Quick Devvelop - Is this a bug? Bob
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    Changing name of folder

    I import images by date: Under folders I right click pick change name of folder. Add name next to the date hit return. The thumbnails disapear. If I go back to rename and remove everything but the date the images come back. No problem in the past doing the above. Please help bob. ???
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    AVI files

    Will LR beta 3 open video file (AVI) ?
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    LR V3 ON G5 MAC

    From what I read V3 will not work on older mac - I have a g5 desktop 3 years old. o/s 1'.5.It is not dual Pentium processer.If I read right it will not work with V 3. Did I read it wrong? Bob
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    Adde one image into existing folder in light

    I have a folder in lightroom with 2' head shots. I just took another head shot. I would like to add it to the folder in lightroom. I know I cood import it or copy and paste it into the original folder ( in my Photo folder) Is there an easy and quick way to do this?? This happens quit often...
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    PDF slide show

    I just made my first PDF slide show. Everything went well. I Emailed the show to a client. I got a call from client telling me no slide show, she had to open one image at a time. Sent it to another Photographer friend he check same thing. What am I doing wrong??
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    Pausing image in slide show mode

    I am trying to pause the slide show. Hitting the space bar always worked. Today when I hit the space bar the slide show keeps playing. Help.Bob
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    I bought a new HD for my mac g5 - 6 gig ram O/S 1'.5.1'. The HD is 32 cache, which I was told by the sales person would be faster than my old one. I import 3'' images, 1:1 previews. When I go to open the images in develop module it takes 4 or 5 seconds before I can work on them. This is the same...
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    Moving imported folder to a different hard Drive

    I downloaded a Job to a folder on desktop. Copied to backup hard drive. Also copied to my internel hard drive Photo folder. I also made a DVD. Opened LR to import to same location, by mistake I opened the backup hard drive to import the images. I now have images in LR. I would like to move these...
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    Move 3 catalogs

    I just bought a 1 terabyte fast internal drive. I would like to transfer all catalogs on exteernal drives into this new drive. What is the best way to do this? bob
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    Will presets from V 1.2 work in Lightroom V2.3.? bob
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    Missing Folders

    After moving a couple of folders from my main 2''8 folder into another 2''8 folder, trying to make one 2''8 folder, they went into a folder called test 7'-3'' as subfolders. When I click on one of the grayed out subfolders in the grid mode the thumbnails are blank with a questions mark. I...
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    WEB Gallery

    I have uploaded a Web Gallery 1' images. It looks good. I now want to upload a second page. ( several more images in a new Gallery) Should Sub folder do this? ( I have a Web host no real Web page. I just want to use lightroom to make Galleries:idea:. Bob
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    Editing In Photoshop

    In lightroom I right click image in Dev. module pick edit in CS3, Photoshop opens with image. Make couple corrections.Click on X top left of image. Box has 3 choices I pic save. A box comes up - Could not save as (names my files and #)because of a Disk error. If I click cancel another box...