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    New PC

    Hi, I'm researching a new PC and trying to decide the best options. I have a budget of ~£1200 for the box. My thoughts at present are for: i5 4690 processor 16Gb Ram Nvidia 1GB EVGA GTX 750 2x Samsung 120Gb EVO SSd for OS/Apps and Photoshop CC, LR cache and catalog and previews. 250Gb Samsung...
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    Strange export to JPG issues

    Hi, I've just been processing some images and thought I'd post them to a forum I belong to. Most exported fine, but 1 image seems to be giving LR problems (and me!!). I have a preset that saves as JPG, max size 150k, sRGB and longest edge 800px. When I try the export I get a message saying...
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    UNDOing strange things

    I've been working on some images from my recent trip to the west coast and came across a puzzling problem. Ctl+z and even Edit>Undo no longer take me back a step. Now, strangely, it applies a preset instead. It's always the same one, Yesteryear, which, as it's a LR preset, can't be deleted or at...
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    Organising Metadata Presets?

    I am building up a long list of Metadata Presets and was wondering if there was any way to organise them. I organise my develop presets in folders which makes it easier to navigate but there seems to be no way to do the same for Metadata. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I've at long last got round to creating some presets in V3 and wondered if anyone had tried their V3 presets in V4 PV2012? If so, do they still look the same are do they need tweaking? I'm not sure if it would be better to wait until I get V4 before getting too carried away! :grin:
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    3 Monitors?

    At the moment I am using 2 monitors, an Eizo S2243W and a Dell 22". The Eizo is connected to DVI and the Dell to VGA. I have an HDMI port available and a Dell 20" monitor spare. It seems a waste not to utilise the Dell 20" as I can't sell it, it's just gathering dust. My graphics card is a Palit...
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    Backup strategy

    I've been using Synctoy to backup my images to a Drobo until now. As part of my housekeeping I looked at the backups and noticed that there were some missed files. I triple checked my settings and they were correct, so I've decided to try other software. I've downloaded the trial of ViceVersa...
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    Making the best of my setup?

    I've read a lot about optimising my PC for LR and PS CS5 and am now unsure whether my setup is the best I can achieve. I have an SSD for programs and OS (80Gb) I have 3 WD Cavair Black 640Gb drives. I'm unsure if I'm using these as well as I could. I have the LR catalogue and previews on 1...
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    Hello from Scotland

    Hi, I'm Trevor and found this forum when looking at Victoria's book 'The Missing FAQ.' I've been using LR for about 1 year now along with Photoshop CS5. My main photographic interests are landscapes and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I live in the far north of Scotland with my wife and our...