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  1. BobMc

    LR CC/6 Keyboard Shortcuts?

    I use LR6 with a perpetual license and as such, I don't follow the CC upgrades and changes. It occurred to me to ask, have there been any changes to the shortcuts in CC since LR6 came out? Looking at Victorias LR CC/6 Keyboard shortcuts PDF, I don't see any notations of differences, but I...
  2. BobMc

    what effect does deleting an imported image have on previews?

    I always create 1:1 previews on import. With my last shoot, I had to delete several images and it occurred to me that I don't know what effect that has, if any, on the previews for the deleted images. Anyone know? BobMc
  3. BobMc

    DNG Support for New Cameras?

    I always thought to look at new camera RAW files in LR before RAW support for that camera was supported you could Import using "Copy as DNG". I got this dialog box:
  4. BobMc

    Why does a LR 6 Perpetual License require a "Sign-on" @ Start-up?

    I have a Perpetual License for LR6: But LR still goes through a Sign-On every time I start LR and if I Sign-out, the next time I start LR6, I get a trial dialog box and need to re-enter my product key. This Sign-on is causing a significant delay in LR6 start-up, including the “Server Busy”...
  5. BobMc

    Idea: Filter on images printed, using Dev. History entry

    I posted this in the LR Feature Request site with the title "Lightroom: Filter on images printed, using Dev. History entry" Lightroom: Develop module history records when an image is printed and that entry is date time stamped. Please add the ability to filter in Grid mode or in Smart...
  6. BobMc

    Release Controlled code and the Cloud i.e LR 5.3rc ?

    Lightroom 5.3rc has been announced. What are the options for user control over using Release Controlled code, if you are using a Cloud version of the LR code? This something it would be nice to know, before making a comment to use the Cloud with the $9.99 deal. I posted this question, both on...