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  1. blmahon

    Need suggestions for cloud backup from lightroom

    I am looking for an offsite storage that I can sync and store my photo library.... I already back up my catalog to drob box, but I need someplace off site to back up my photos. I was using mosiac archive, but it appears they are not going to be supporting this any more. I noticed they are...
  2. blmahon

    unable to sign in from identity plate in desktop lightroom

    I am trying to check out the lightroom mobile feature and I'm supposed to sign in to CC from the identity plate.... I get this error message that says.... Lightroom has experienced Sign In failure. Please try again later. (attempt to index a nil value) Any ideas of how to get signed in? I...
  3. blmahon

    Online hosting for portfolio and potentially selling images

    I'm really new to photography and am looking for online sources to host my portfolio and perhaps in the future sell my images. Can anyone give any suggestions on vendors to use?
  4. blmahon

    applying meta data to multiple pictures

    I have been cleaning up my files and applying keywords and other metadata like where the picture was taken. Earlier today when I would select multiple photos and enter the city and state it would give me warning dialog box that indicated it would be applied over all of the pics.... now it...
  5. blmahon

    Should I create a separate catalog for video files?

    I know that most folks recommend NOT using separate catalogs... but am wondering if I should create separate catalogs... one for stills and one for video... and simply from the standpoint of being able to bring a smaller external hard drive with me when i just want to work on my photographs...