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    Some program for renaming and sorting photo

    Hi, maybe someone can help. I am looking for some small program, which will be able to do a batch rename according to metadata (date and time of capture) and sort photos into different folders according to date. If I can create some renaming template it would be awesome, but simple hardcoded...
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    Digitally sign photos - certificate, not warermarking

    Hello, is there possibility to add a digital signature (I mean digital certificate, not watermark) into exported photos? In LR or by some external software? I am thinking about purchasing certificate because of communication with some offices and it would be nice to use it also for signing...
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    pros and cons using DNG

    Hello, yesterday there was a small discussion under one post from Victoria ( about DNG verification, which leads me to start this thread. Do you convert your photos from RAW to DNG while importing to Lr? What benefits does have it...
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    Flickr - privacy

    Hello, I am using in-built Flickr publishing service. I am using Flickr like some kind of backup, so most photos there are not visible for public, so in settings I have selected option that all uploaded photos are private. After upload I chose on Flickr which ones should be public. it is...
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    Fit iPad into workflow

    I have an ide to incorporate iPad into workflow, my idea is to use it for quick check and delete. To be more specific: - download photos from camera to ipad - it is OK, camera kit + photos apps works fine - quickly go throw images and delete those i do not want - after I come home transfer...
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    Do you rename photos during import?

    Do you rename photos while importing (or before import)? Which system do you use? Thanks for your ideas!
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    Which color space to use

    I am bit confused which color space I should use. I am shooting to RAW. In my DSLR I can set to use sRGB or Adobe RGB. If I understand well LR is using its own RGB similar to ProPhoto RGB. So my guess is that for best results I should in DSLR set Adobe RGB and in LR set color space for exports...
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    How do you organize exported photos.

    How do you peple organize your exported photos for print, galleries etc? I saw on some page screenshot of HDD publish service with folders printA4 etc... Unfortunatelly I am not able to find this page anymore. Can you please share your ideas so I can catch some inspairation? Currently i am...
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    RAW+JPEG question

    Lets imagine this: I am shooting in JPEG+RAW in LR I import both JPEG+RAW and have set that they behave like one file And now my questions: When any edits are done (colors, white points, curves....) they are done on RAW version, right? If I export photo to JPEG and did not perform any edits...
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    How to aply color label automatically on import

    Is there any way how to apply color label during import? I would like to mark all photos which are imported to LR but untouched marked by RED (now I am doing it manually). I have already created develop preset which is applied during import but or I am blind or color label cannot be set there...
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    Export with hierarchy taken from catalog (year-mont-day-description)

    Hello, In my catalog I have structure like this: year\year-month\year-month-day-description I also have a directory called "Export" where I want to put my exported jpegs. Unfortunately lightroom allow me to specify only directory where all images goes. So I have found excellent plugin...