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    Missing Steps from Develop History

    [or, there's something weird going on here"] Imagine an image with a fairly simple history, displayed as: Publish Auto Tone Auto White Balance <Name of Import Preset> All four show different settings on the develop sliders. How can Publishing an image change its Develop...
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    Searchable Metadata - Part 2

    During my investigations into searchable metadata (in another thread) I've noticed some very strange results when the search string includes the hash '#' character. Is anyone aware of '#' having any mystical properties as some sort of a wildcard, or maybe being ignored completely? Or is search...
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    Library module Searchable Metadata

    Before I waste too much time working it out for myself <G> ... Is anyone aware of a definitive list of which IPTC and EXIF metatdata fields are treated as "searchable" by the Library Filter "text" search? Ta.
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    IPTC Date Created

    According to the IPTC Spec: IPTC Date Created Represented in the form CCYYMMDD to designate the date the intellectual content of the objectdata was created rather than the date of the creation of the physical representation. Follows ISO 8601 standard. Where the month or day cannot be determined...
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    Multiple Lens Profiles - Search Order

    This question arises from my "Tokina AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX", but is probably more general. First: The Background When I got this lens I was using Lightroom 4 and the lens was not recognised. Following the clues on the web, I proceeded to copy the file: "NIKON CORPORATION (Tokina AT-X 12-28 F4...
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    Developing From the Right

    Much has been written (and argued) about "Exposing To the Right", but this is more about "Developing From the Right". Given an exposure-bracketed sequence, in which NONE of the frames show any highlight clipping, am I correct in thinking that I should always target my Development efforts at...
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    Nikon Shutter Count

    Does anyone know of a way to expose the "Shutter Count" value present in Nikon EXIF data such that LR6 Rename Files function or John Beardsworth's "SearchReplace" plugin can get hold of it? This needs to work without editing the original image files (otherwise I could obviously just use...
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    Sidecar Files - What extensions does LR6 recognise

    Does anyone know of a definitive list of file extensions that LR6 treats as being sidecar files? What I've deduced so far: .xmp (this is a given - after all, LR writes them) .jpg (when shooting RAW+JPG) .wav and .mp3 (from what I have read on the web) .thm (by observation of what happens when...
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    Confused by scope of "Backup Location"

    When I visit "Edit | Catalog Settings | Backup ....." and specify a location for my backups, am I (A) setting a location specific to the current catalog? (each catalog has its own backup location) or (B) setting a location specific to the current installation of Lightroom? (all backups of all...
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    Adding Multiple Folders to Library

    I'm cleaning up my library folder hierarchy and need to move catalogued pictures into pre-existing folders not previously known to Lightroom (i.e. not currently showing up in the library list). I know that I can use "Library|NewFolder" to add a single pre-existing target folder to the Library...