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    Can I synch desktop to laptop?

    With the newly released Lightroom Mobile, I can synch my iPad with my home computer while on the road. Can I use the same synch technology to access the photos on my home desktop computer with the laptop computer that I use when traveling? Regards, Kim Nicholas Seattle, WA
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    Can I save printing preferences in LR?

    In Photoshop I have the ability to save my print preferences so I don't have to reset all of the paper - printer settings each time. Is there a way to save my print preferences in Lightroom? Kim Nicholas
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    Identity Plate in 2-up cards

    I enjoy the simplicity of using the 2-up card template in the print module. However, if I add the optional Identity Plate it will only show on one of the two cards/photos. Is there a way to get the Identity Plate to show on both? Is there way to "copy" the Identity Plate? Kim Nicholas
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    Problem backing up

    I store my photos on an external hard drive and back up to another external drive. When I try to copy from the primary external drive and paste to the backup drive, I am NOT given an option to overwrite the file. I get a message that there is not enough disc space to copy a new file. I really...
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    LR changes not exporting to PS

    When I make changes (edits) with the sliders in the Develop module of LR4 and then export to PS5, the changes do not show up in PS. It shows up in PS as the original, unedited raw file. What am I doing wrong? Thank yo. Kim Nicholas
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    LR4 not finding my external drive

    I am in the process of moving my photos from the computer internal hard drive to an external drive. However, Lightroom does not recognize my external drive. The Windows OS sees it, but Lightroom does not. Any suggestions? Thanks! Kim Nicholas New LR user.
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    Collections from Bridge

    I have been using Photoshop and Bridge and now added Lightroom 4. In Bridge, I have created some collections and smart collections - is there a way to import these collections from Bridge to LR4 so I don't have to rebuild them? Thank you. Kim Nicholas