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    lightroom and windows 11

    Think I am royally screwed. Win 11 came with my new computer and Lightroom works poorly. Cannot revert to 10 after 10 days. Lightroom will not reload m photos on an external drive. It cannot find the drive. Must I reimport all 35,000 or so.? How do I point it to my external drive? Help!!
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    How to export photo with original metadata

    Have a lot of photos I want to export with the original metadata. There is an exclamation mark with something about that but I do not understand it. Briefly, I want to change a large number of phots so that the exported ones will show the original date taken etc. I have the latest versions of...
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    Lightroom cannot find my external drive

    My hard drive crashed and a new one was installed. I did not include my external since it was working Ok. After the data came back from Carbonite, (4 days) when i logged from Lightroom in to the external Lightroom was unable to find it. It was looking for the wrong drive number. I have win 10...
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    email does not work

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
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    Library module email will not validate

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic CC Email will not validate. Have tried everything. Does ad blocker create a problem?
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    Facebook alters my photos when I post them from my PC.

    Facebook alters my photos when I post them from my PC. Is there any way that I can disable this? A Google search give settings info that apparently only works for a mobile app. My posted photos come out on Facebook much darker and more vivid that I want. They look terrible after careful PP...
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    How to un check graphic processer box

    Rebooted LR Cc and reset all settings to default. Lightroom CC keeps shutting down. This first happened when I upgraded to LR CC. It was solved by unchecking the box in general preferences. Box will now not uncheck and when I try to uncheck it LR shuts down. How do I fix this? How can I uncheck...
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    Photo prints not centered

    8x10 Prints on letter size paper are not centered . There is a wider margin on one side of a landscape print. did not do this before. A looong conversation with Epson help line indicated that it was a setting in Lightroom CCand not the printer. I have tried everything and they just keep coming...
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    Show Parent file LR CC

    In a Kelby tutorial it gives an option to right click on the file (in Lightroom of course), and find parent file. I have a PC and LR CC. When I right click on any file in the file list in library mode, all I get is show in explorer. What am I doing wrong to not get the parent file. (And file...
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    Multiple external editors

    Have Lightroom CC. Can use Photoshop CC and the Nik group as external editors, easy transition. Does not seem to be an option in preferences external editing to add more, only is to replace one of the two presently there. I don't want to do that. Is there any way to add more programs (already...
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    A folder appears every time I import

    This is really weird. When I import, I either make a new folder or import into an existing one. I created a "Junk" file a long time ago, to put photos I was not sure if I wanted. Now, every time I import, that Junk file shows up as a subfile to the on I designate to put the imported photos. If...
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    Cannot use Elements 13 as secondary editor to Photoshop CC

    I am unable to choose Elements 13 as a second choice as an editor after Photoshop CC. In LR edit in, and next below the CC choice, is edit in Elements 13.exe. When I choose that Element.exe Elements opens up but no photo appears. I tried going to edit properties external editing but it would...
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    Reinstalling Lightroom CC in a new computer

    What would be the procedure for reinstalling Lightroom CC in a new, replacement PC? I do not recall regestering the program after it was downloaded. How do you verify that you are on the montly payment program? Thanks for any response, I am probably missing the obvious.... soda
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    Music woll not play in Lr 5 slideshow

    My music files are WMA. They will not play on Lightroom 5.7. I have a PC with Win 8.1. Can you recommend a good conversion program from WMA to MP3, which I understand is the correct one to use in the Lightroom slideshow? Please let me if this is a solution to not being able to play existing...
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    Finding missing folders

    Missing photos Was having trouble with finding missing images. Accedentally erased. Sorry, think I have the answer but not sure enough to post. Thank you for reading.
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    Lightroom cant find external file

    Unplugged all connections from computer to clean it. Plugged all back in and now cant find photos in external. They syow but wiwth a question mark in folder column and exclamation mark in thumbnails. Tried all instructions for missing photos none work. What do I do? External drive used to be g...
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    Printer will not print photos via Lightroom. Otherwise work perfectly

    Joined: Oct 11, 11 Messages: 909 Feedback: 0/0.0% Location: Baltimore, MD Online I have a HP D110 printer, Windows 8.1, Lightroom 5.7, and a PC. Prints and scans fine. Will not print a photo unless the (up to date) driver in uninstalled. Error message says that ink cartridge is stuck, which it...
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    Unable to publish to facebook, error: "no facebook album assigned to collection"

    Unable to publish to facebook, error: "no facebook album assigned to collection"Have LR 5.7 This is a problem for me. Is there a fix?Thanks Soda
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    Scan Problem

    HP Photosmart d110. Windows 8.1 on a PC. During the initial scanning it asks how I want to file the scan JPG etc. The JPG selection shows (windows media player) after it. It wont scan. Anyone know what is going on and how I can get my scanner to work? IE how to "unhook" the Windows media...
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    Can't delete a page in book module

    Right smack in the middle of a book I am making is a blank page. It won't move or delete. Right click shows remove page not highlighted. control delete doesn't work. If there is a photo on that page it only removes the photo, not the page. Have lr 5.7 on a PC and had this problem way back in...
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    soft proof and "done" command for crop missing

    Hi The soft proof check box and "done" command for crop is missing in the LR 5 Develop module. They should apper betweed the photo and the film strip. Anyone know how to find it? Thanks soda
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    Importing restored Carbonite files with keywords etc

    Solved some drive problems. Have restored all photos, (~11,000,). They reside in a folder on a (good) C drive. Imported a few just for a test into a newley created Lightroom 5 catalog.These "test photos" showed no keywords or other metadata These photoswere successfully restored to my computer...
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    Does it matter which slot you put an additional RAM card in?

    Does it matter which slot you put an additional RAM card in? I recently upgraded the RAM in my computer. It contained two cards in slots 1 and 3 (Or 2 and 4 depending from which side you count). This left me with two slots to add more RAM. One slot was between the two occupied ones and one on...
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    Naming photos before exporting to Facebook

    I name the photo when importing from SD card into Lightroom.Then create a collections for publishing to Facebook, name the album and photo, then publish to Facebook. No name appears on the Facebook post, just a title like JPG and a number. Easy enough to describe the photo in the Facebook...
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    Book Module Upload

    Can you uploat a book to be printed to places like Walgreens etc, if so, what is the procedure? Thanks soda