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    Odd colours printing

    I have just started to get odd colours printing from LR. The same file was printed a couple of weeks ago and now all the images are printing green. I have checked the printer and settings and still it prints green. Printing from PSCS5 is ok with the same settings. What pref file on a mac do I...
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    filename in print to file

    I would like an option to use the filename when printing to file rather than creating a new file name. Does this make sense?
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    copyright not exporting on photo's in 2.5

    I can't seem to get the copyright to export on images in 2.5. Was working ok in 2.4. Anyone else having problems?
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    LR not seeing duplicates from imported catalog

    If I import a catalog into an existing one, when I then put a card in that has some of the same images as were imported with the new catalog, they get imported again instead of being ignored.
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    Need a new compact camera with Raw shooting

    As the title says, I am after a compact camera that has the ability to take RAW files. My wife used to have a Fuji e55' but that just bit the dust as it fell off the pram into a puddle. Fuji don't do a small camera now and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks in advance
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    importing catalog problem

    I have just started to import some catalogs from my Macbook pro, including the originals. All seems fine from the import dialog box where i select to import them into my main catalog and choose the location that i want to put the originals in. It then imports the originals into the location i...
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    Duplicate images imported into catalogue

    I have just started using a laptop in the field to download pics to in a LR catalogue. I then import that catalogue into my main catalogue on my main system back at base. All ok so far and all images copy across no problem. Now to the problem. I just inserted a memory card into the main base...
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    Does anyone use it and if so how do you use it. I have tried putting my files in the htdocs folder but it just doesn't want to play ball.
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    New Folder View in Library Freezes LR

    I have just tried changing the folder view in 2.3RC from the standard to Folder path/location and I now have the spinning beach ball of death. Nothing I do will release it. I have tried to force quit and then re-open LR but I still get the beach ball and now can't use LR 2.3 or 2.2 as LR2.3 has...
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    Spaces Bug

    Just found another possible bug. I have lodged this one with Adobe. Here is the bug I submitted. LR doesn't come to the front using Spaces from the menu bar Concise problem statement: When using LR in spaces and then going to a different space LR will hide as expected but if you then select LR...
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    Possible LR2.1/CS4 Editing Bug

    Ok here goes, With preferences set to edit an image in CS4 as a tiff image select an image and select the edit command. The image opens up in CS4 but with no tiff extension, only the original filename say DSCF1234.DNG. If you save the file as a PSD first it will save correctly as a PSD and be...
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    Print output doesn't match Photoshop

    I have been having colour problems after upgrading to 2.1RC and now 2.1. I thought that it was my profiles I was using so got a new set done and still no joy. For a test I decided to go back to printing from CS3 and the old and new profiles print correctly. I think that somehthing must be wrong...
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    What is the chip spec for LR 64bit on Mac

    As the title says 'What is the spec for running LR2 on a Mac in 64bit. I thought that you needed an intel chip and running Leopard. I have an intel iMac running 1'.5 but can't seem to get it to run in 64bit. When I use the get info on the app to set 32 or 64 bit there is no option. I have one...
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    Library Filter on RAW files brings up dng

    When using the library filter as selecting RAW as search field, I am getting DNG files show up that were originally converted in 1.4. The file is a dng file as LR won't re-convert it to dng. The metadata says that it is a RAW file (see attachment). I have several of these to sort out. I have...
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    Image selection

    Two questions, 1st once you have selected some images in a folder can you select the opposite images instead so that the unselected become selected and the selected become unselected? 2nd Is there a way of selecting landscape images or portrait images? ie the orientation of the image not the...
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    Printer profiling systems

    I am looking for a printer profiling system. I am thinking about the Spyder 3 system and wondered if anyone had any experience with it or other systems. Andrew
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    Colour problems

    I seem to be having colour issues. I thought it was just LR but it seems widespread. I have calibrated the monitor and restarted the system just to make sure. When I print from LR the colours are muted. I have attached a screen shot of the photoshop preview which is near to what I am getting on...
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    Import Question

    I should really know the answer to this one but it escapes me at the moment. When you import from a catalogue you get the option with new photo's to leave the images where they are or move them, that bit I understand. Th ebit I don't get is the existing photo's. You have three choices of 1)...
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    Mac Software RAID Question

    I have set up a mirrored RAID set using disk utility and I am finding that LR is much slower getting the images off the drive. Is there an easy way to remove the drives from the raid set and keep all the info on one drive and then do a manual backup to the second drive? I don't have a spare...
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    Canon 5D exif info

    I have had a forum user from photo board that I am on and he has asked this question below Andrew, I have a question regarding Exif info in LR. In Bridge (CS2) I can see the metadata of a 5D Raw and it includes the whitebalance mode the camera was in (auto, cloudy, custom etc.). However...I...
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    What Mac Laptop to get

    I am looking at getting a Mac laptop to run LR on location and was wondering what preferences you folks have. Should I get a Macbook pro or just a standard Macbook? Shoudl I get the 15" or 17" one. I am looking to get a refurb one from Apple UK.
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    Does LR support the Fuji Double Sensor

    As the title suggests, does LR support the double sensor. I was always under the impression that LR and CS3 did not support the highlight sensor of the Fuji S3 and S5, but it has been drawn to my attention that LR and CS3 do actually read the two sensors. I am still not convinced of this and...