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    Exporting Raw (kind of)

    Hi, LR 5.7.1 on Windows 7x64 Is there a way of exporting raw & also have the processing exported as an XMP file at the same time? ie: photo1.cr2 + photo1.xmp with the xmp containing the crop, the keywords, the labels... My wife uses another software (trial) and we want to try it on her...
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    Moving photos to external drive

    Hi, I have 5.71 on Windows 7.1. All my photos (70,000+) are on a network drive Z: and 'hanging out' from z:\library\. I want/need to move them to an external USB drive. They take over 1Tb, so I will soon be "kicked out". I want to move everything from z:\library\... to e:\library\... I...
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    The big move

    Hi, LR5.7.1 on Win7x64. I have 70,000 photos and I want to reorganize my folders. Right now they are: * animals ** dogs ** cats * people * places ** Vancouver *** Vancouver-201506008 *** Vancouver-201506009 *** Vancouver-201506010 * streets ** Seawall *** Seawall ***...
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    Flipping image

    Hi, Is there a way of flipping an image left-right. I have an image of a dog running in the forest from the left to the right and I would like to change it to become: running from the right to the left. (no sign, no text in the image just a dog, trees and grass). Thanks Syv
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    Setting for tiny prints

    Hi, I have LR5.6 on W7.1. What settings would you recommend to export/print small files. They are to be included in Word documents that will be printed 8½" by 11", so the size of the printed images will vary between 2" by 4" to 2½" by 3¼". Thanks Syv
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    Oops! Imported images with wrong preset

    Hi, I have LR 5.6 on win7. I imported a few hundred photos with a preset, when I shouldn't. Is there a way to remove the preset without deleting and reimporting the photos? Thanks Syv
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    Lightroom & Instagram

    Hi, Do you have suggestions on how to deal with publishing to instagram? 1. JPEGs vs PNG? 2. Instagram is square, most of my photos are not. Export as 1x1? Full image in a square? Virtual copies cropped to 1x1? 3. Use a black or white frame around it? 4. Faint watermark? or watermark in...
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    Multiple catalogs

    Hi, Is it possible to have 2 catalogs in the same directory/folder without 'screwing up'? It would be easier for the backup. If not, how do I move the current catalog to a sub-directory so that both catalogs are subdirectories of the same directory? Thanks Syv
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    Moving Virtual Copies

    Hi, LR 5.3 on W7-x64. Is there a way to move virtual copies from one collection to another collection? Right now, I go to the original collection, select all the virtual copies, look at them, try to remember which one I dragged and dropped and then delete the VC. The weakness, actually...
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    Virtual copies

    Hi, I have LR5.3-x64 on windows 7. I have a collection set with the following collections within: * 00.images * 11 by 14 prints <<< virtual copies (different crop) * 11 by 17 prints <<< virtual copies (sometimes a different crop) * 8 by 10 prints <<< virtual copies (different...
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    Finding Duplicates

    Hi, I have LR5.3 on W7-x64. I screwed up! I forgot that Lightroom use not only the filename but also the extension for checking if to import an already imported image. I had some (and the important part is SOME) PEF (Pentax) files that I also converted to DNG and both have been imported. I...
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    File listings

    Hi, LR5.3rc on W7x64. Is there a way of getting a listing of files that match a collection or a smart collection? I have a catalog of 125+ thousand photos and about 22+ thousands that are at least 1 star. I'd like to copy these one star photos to a separate external USB drive for archival...
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    Suggestions for virtual copies

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions. I'm trying an experiment in stock. I already have something like 75,000 images, I want to pair it down a few hundreds, the low hundreds. The main difference between the stock and the "regular" is the description/caption and the keywords. How would you...
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    Smart collection for specific development setting

    Hi, LR5.2rc on W7-x64. I have found a more pleasing way of doing my sharpening (just different settings). How do I search for the files edited in the last 6 month with sharpening (any sharpening)? The way I process is that I start with a develop preset, then fine tune it the settings...
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    Virtual Copies

    Hi, I need to create virtual copies for a collection for a different printing/cropping. When I create the new collection, LR offers me to create the virtual copies. That's great but when I decide to add new photos to the existing collection, I often forget to create a new virtual copy and...
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    How to disable pen and tablet support

    Hi, LR 5 and LR5.2 RC on W7-x64 SP1 (Same problem on both versions). Over the last while, I've been having many problems when switching from the Library module to the Develop module. I keep on getting the the "Switch to/Retry" box... It took me a while to find the source of my problem...
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    Book sizes

    Hi, LR5, Win7. Is there a way of making books of different sizes. Right now I only see 7x7, 8x10, 10x8, 13x11, or 12x12. I'd like to be able to create 7x10/10x7 and 8x12/12x8 for printing books with WHCC or is there some other alternatives to create books? Thanks
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    Collections and Virtual Copies

    Hi, Is there a way of adding photos to a collection as virtual copies? I am sorting through my photos and I need virtual copies. These photos will have a different description, keywords and potentially a different crop. I can create the virtual copy when creating a new collection but after...
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    Collections and Virtual Copies

    Hi, I need to have all the photos in a collection to be virtual copies. The collection is for all new set of crops. There is the create collection > include selected/make virtual copies. My problem starts when I want to add more photos to that collection. I want all the photos in the...
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    Troubleshooting: LR has encountered a problem reading this photo

    Hi, I'm having problems where LR gives the following message on quite a few photos: Lightroom has encountered a problem reading this photo, You will not be able to adjusments to the photo. 1. How do I go about troubleshooting this in Lightroom. 2. Is there a way of filtering the...
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    Colour matching

    Hi, How do I colour match across multiple photos taken at different times and under different lights in LR3.4.1 windows. I took a dozen photos over the space of 3 years and I need to match them, the browns are to be the same... I know that I screwed up and should have included a grey card...
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    Print Module: Centering the identity plate

    Hi, I'm doing a poster layout and want to use the identity plate for the names. Is there a way of centering the identity plate below the photo but within the page? Extra Bonus Points! How to do 2 lines for the identity plate of the printing module? Windows 7, LR 3.4.1 Thanks
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    Smart collection for panoramas

    Hi, I have sections of panos passed to PS-CS5, and stores the resulting PSDs in Windows LR3.4.1. Is there a way of making a smart collection of panoramas? I haven't found any, so right now I add the Panorama keyword. But I would prefer something more automatic like width or height...
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    Upgrade strategy

    Hi, I have an older computer (Windows 7). I was given a "lower-end" brand new 1 year old laptop with Windows 7. It's faster than my current computer. I'd like to move LR3.4 to the laptop. My problem is that the photos (not the catalog) are stored in a directory called : library, size...
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    Smart collection of smart collection?

    Hi Is it possible to base a smart collection on another smart collection in Windows LR3.3? In SQL that would be a subquery. Thanks