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  1. Kimmilly

    LR 11

    Hi I love the new version of LR with the masking feature. Yesterday, I was playing around with it and got a photo looking just great in the Develop module, but when I went back to the Library module, it seem to revert back. Did I do something wrong?? thanks KIm
  2. Kimmilly

    What files are needed for a complete backup

    I have been reorganising my photos and making sure that I have 2 good backups of the photos that are in my catalogue. Could someone please advise if I need to have the .xmp that seem to come with my photos as well in my back up. I would like to have a copy that heaven forbid, anything happened...
  3. Kimmilly

    Syncing iPad LR with LRClassic

    Hi I can see that my lightroom from my iPad, syncs with a folder in LRC. It seems to send the photos to a folder in LRC, my problem is that when I delete photos on my iPad, they don't seem to sync out of the folder in LRC. Is this what it is supposed to do or do I have a problem. I want to...
  4. Kimmilly

    Lens correction

    Hi I now have an preset that does Lens correction when I import my photos. How do I go back and do the lens correction in one go instead of having to do each photo??
  5. Kimmilly

    Lightroom sync in Classic

    Hi When you use Lightroom sync from Lightroom CC in Lightroom Classic, does it bring a copy of the photo into your photo library, or does it still sit in the Cloud?? thanks Kim
  6. Kimmilly

    Moving to a new computer

    Hi I have a new iMac and want to move my LR catalogue from an external hard drive to the computer. I thought that I had moved it correctly but I keep getting an error every time i try to open it? Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Kimmilly

    Camera Standard

    Hi Under the Profile Browser, I used to have Camera Standard, Landscape etc, but with the last update they seemed to have disappeared. Could someone please tell me where they have gone, I like to import my photos with the Camera standard set already. thanks Kim
  8. Kimmilly

    Finding edited photos

    Operating System: Mac High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic 7.0.1 Hi I would like to find all the photos that I have edited. Is there any easy way of finding this?? thanks Kim
  9. Kimmilly

    Back up catalogue

    Hi I have a folder with a lot of back ups of the catalogue for my LR library. How long should you keep these?? thanks Kim
  10. Kimmilly

    GPS location is in metadata, but City is greyed out

    Hi I have noticed on my photos that when I have a GPS location with the photo, it also adds a City location and County location, but these are greyed out. Is there a quick way to make them ungreyed?? thanks Kim
  11. Kimmilly

    GPS location on import

    Hi I have just imported a whole lot of photos and for some unknown reason the gps location has not imported from the card. this is the first import that I have done, the other import was from Aperture and that information came across. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Kim
  12. Kimmilly

    Gps location

    Hi is there an easy way to add a gps location to a photo by finding the place on the map?? Thanks. Kim Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Kimmilly


    Hi Could someone let me know if it is possible to make your own metadata default that you see in Lightroom? I was able to do this in Aperture, but can't seem to see how to do it in Lightroom. thanks Kim
  14. Kimmilly

    Exporting catalog

    hi I am new to Lightroom and have just imported a number of Aperture Libraries into one Lightroom library. I have deleted all my duplicates and now have a set of photos that I can work with. My question is, when I try to export some photos to a new catalog, it appears that it has made copies...