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  1. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Photoshop takes forever to load from LR Classic

    It takes a long time, up to 5, once 10 minutes, to load from Lightroom Classic. Also sometimes it get stuck on the first splash page which shows recent photos that have been working on. If I close it I get a message "The file could not be edited because PS 2022 could not be launched. I choose...
  2. Dick.E.Hoskins

    "Metadata has been changed..."

    I see the message "The metadata for this photo has been changed by Lightroom and another application, etc." Under what conditions should I check "Import Settings from Disk" or "Overwrite Settings" ? I have one folder of photos that appears in two different LR Catalogs. ZB, folder "Output"...
  3. Dick.E.Hoskins

    "Done" missing on new masking feature screen

    When I choose to use the new masking in LR 11 this morning I noticed that "Done" is missing in the lower right corner. See attached image. Any ideas as to what is happening? A bug or did I upset some setting or other? I can't continue on until I can close the masking capability.
  4. Dick.E.Hoskins

    "Your graphics processor is incompatible"

    After all the Adobe updates recently I have been getting a message - not always - from Photoshop when I open it from Lightroom Classic: "Your graphics processor is incompatible" See attached image. This is a first for me. My GPU is NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti(NVIDIA) which has never given me any...
  5. Dick.E.Hoskins

    LR classic crash

    A few times LR Classic v 11 crashes or stalls. Also occasional white screen and freezing. Also a long time for Photoshop to load with a message that Photoshop can't be loaded but after a few minutes it loads anyway. Has anyone had similar or other odd behavior? Graphics board drivers are up...
  6. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Metadata gone in New Lightroom 11.0 Camera Raw 14.0

    As directed when I first opened the new Lightroom a new catalog was developed. But there is no metadata? no key words, no anything! All fields are totally clank! I have fiddled for an hour with no result. How do I get all the metadata back? thanks...
  7. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Fining camera profile DCPs after installation.

    I have installed some Linear-Canon camera profiles (DCP files) in Lightroom classic cc (Tony Kuyper, developer of the TK7 and PS panels) but it seems they are installed but they do not appear in the profile browser. I see the Adobe profiles but not the ones I have installed. How to I get the...
  8. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Importing new photos is followed by color change of each image.

    I import several photos, initially they look fine and then on the grid view each once changes to a sickly orange brown color. I have not specified any presets to fiddle with the photos upon import. This are the first images I have imported into the new LR 10.3 No sliders in Develop have been...
  9. Dick.E.Hoskins

    "Loading" in Library Module goes on and on

    Lightroom's latest trick: I click on a photo in grid mode and "Loading" appears and ... 10 minutes later is is still loading. Any ideas on how to stop that? Further I closed LR and am still waiting after 10 minutes for it to open again. grrrrr....
  10. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Library module White screen appears in Library Module

    When I am working in Library without fail if I am selecting a lot of photos or moving photos around, etc, Library runs slower and slower ... then starts blinking to the desktop and a white screen and almost quits. See attachment Selecting photos, say to rename or whatever gets slow to the...
  11. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Library module Slow rendering of thumbnails in grid view

    A recent set of images I recently uploaded takes a long time to go from blurry to a resolved sharp image whenever I open LR in grid view. I waited 4 minutes for a full image to resolve. I uploaded in standard format. Not clear what has happened. Any ideas?
  12. Dick.E.Hoskins

    "loading" never stops in library module

    Today when I am in grid mode and double click on one of the little images the screen fills with a large image with "Loading" which never stops. Go back to grid mode and click on one of the little images a larger outof focus image appears with never ending "Loading" at the problem. LR is...
  13. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Free form or custom set up in PRINT module

    I would like to be able to set up a layout and photo distribution on that layout in a totally custom way. For example I like to out an image in the middle of say, 11 x 14 inch layout that is smaller and then add various annotations, etc. or set up a collage with various sizes of images, etc. I...
  14. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Bug in Export: preset label added to exported photo label

    When I use a preset in the Export module in LR CCC it sometimes includes the label of the preset in the resulting exported image. See attached screen shots. The name of the preset I used to export the file is "jpg_100_300_same_directory" and the file name is Ninepipe-20180310-00231.jpg. The...
  15. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Uploading to Instagram from a desktop or laptop

    How are you uploading your photos from a desktop or laptop (in my case, Windows 10) to Instagram?
  16. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Leaving photos behind

    My family really likes my photo activity which goes back to first days of marriage and back even earlier (50 years). I have thousands of thousands of photos in my LR catalog everything from scanned 35mm slides and early family film photos to now, all digital since 2004. A lot are my attempt at...
  17. Dick.E.Hoskins

    How to re-install Creative Cloud ?

    I am getting a message "The code execution cannot proceed because CRClient.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem" I have stumbled around the Adobe website for way too long but nothing I download or try seems to work. If someone knows exactly what to do I'd be very...
  18. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Finding images of a specified size

    How do I find just the images of say, less than 1 mb in Lightroom classic cc 2020? I have a bunch of small images that were loaded in after scanning some slides before I realized that they were way too low in resolution. I rescanned but the small images are mixed in with the larger file sizes...
  19. Dick.E.Hoskins

    font size changes in LR

    I installed LR Classic CC, the current version, on a new machine using a 4K monitor. The font size was very small. I used the LR preferences to increase the font size which worked for the main screen but the menu bar at the top and right click displaying menus still have a very small font which...
  20. Dick.E.Hoskins

    white screen of (near) death

    I have upgraded my computer to the latest Intel processor (for Windows 10), have a huge disk(s)- hybrid SS, 32 GB of ram, etc. But the performance of LR is only marginally better than my last desktop which is a few years older. . As in my previous set up the Library module is slow to the point...
  21. Dick.E.Hoskins

    LR classic CC performance

    Lightroom is getting worse and worse with respect to speed and crashing frequency. Now often the screen turns white then crashes or eventually comes back in 5 mins or so. Or it goes black and everything is frozen. Selecting photos (shift click) is deadly slow. Frequently LR blinks and I can see...
  22. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Exporting DNG from cropped TIF files

    I scan old slides in tif format. They are quite large because of resolution and color density I select on my scanner. I then load the tif files in to LR and adjust the cropping. (The boundary of the slide holders when scanning becomes part of the resulting scanned image. I crop the scanned...
  23. Dick.E.Hoskins


    I have LR C CC 7.3.1 and it is absolutely dead in the water. I am trying to do a panorama of 2 photos and - it just will not do it. Lately I get a white screen and a little blue donut that runs and runs and nothing happens. I have to kill LR with task manager. At least 10 times in the last few...
  24. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Lightroom checking catalog integrity stalls

    I have been waiting an hour for the checking catalog integrity procedue done while closing LR down seems to be stalled. Before I tried to close LR I had some problems with exporting some files which would not complete. LR was acting strangely. I thought I would close and and open it up again to...
  25. Dick.E.Hoskins

    Loading photo from grid view is slow (or does not happen)

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Library grid mode. I click on a photo in a folder I have never opened in the new version and had not opened in a few months I get a spinning doughnut and "Loading." But...