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  1. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom to Photoshop is very slow

    When I move an edited image from Lightroom to Photoshop, the process seems abnormally slow. I'm using the Edit In command from Lightroom to Photoshop 2020. A sample image I timed at 61 seconds with Photoshop already open. The image is not abnormally large - a full size image from a Nikon Z6...
  2. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom Classic CC Update 8.1 - Nikon Z6 support and more

    Adobe Creative Cloud has been updated to support the Nikon Z6. There are updates to Lightroom Classic CC, Camera Raw, and Bridge. Nothing for Photoshop yet but I'm sure it is on the way - and you can use ACR. The latest version of Lightroom Classic CC is 8.1. I've done a quick test on a single...