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  1. Eric Bowles

    Windows 11 color profile with LR

    Thanks, John - I was pondering whether to upgrade to Windows 11 and based on your comments won't be in a rush to do so now.
  2. Eric Bowles

    Resizing images in Lightroom to fit ipad 10inch screen.

    The aspect ratio of a typical iPad is 4:3, so in Lightroom's Develop module you would need to crop to a 4:3 aspect ratio. Where this becomes difficult is when you have an image that cropping would cut off a relevant part of the image. In that case you probably would want to render the image on...
  3. Eric Bowles

    Scanning old photos Lightroom + questions

    Probably the source of the 720 ppi setting is that 720 ppi is the resolution for highest quality prints using an Epson printer. The native resolution is based on multiples of 360 ppi for Epson, while it's 300 ppi for Canon, HP, and most other printers. To the extent your file size is different...
  4. Eric Bowles

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    Over the past few years, Nikon has started embedding the Picture Control setting as well as other settings for sharpening and noise reduction in the raw file. If you have a program like Raw Digger you can see the embedded XMP and the settings. There are also adjustments for Active D-Lighting...
  5. Eric Bowles

    Monitor brightness & Color profile

    I use the Datacolor Spyder. Set your monitor brightness at 120 and adjust it lower as needed. Monitors vary, and many monitors need to be adjusted as low as 100. When you run through the calibration, it will provide feedback on your monitor brightness.
  6. Eric Bowles

    Do I really need Denoise AI to denoise?

    Denoise AI is really for more extreme noise issues. Typically that's images shot at ISO 6400 on APS-C or ISO 12,800 and higher on full frame. Lightroom Classic is remarkably good and has lots of tools to address noise. Noise can be worse in shadows and dark areas. The other thing to keep in...
  7. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom to Photoshop is very slow

    Are the LR adjustments including local adjustments carried forward to PS? Any ideas about the speed? This seems unreasonably slow.
  8. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom to Photoshop is very slow

    I just tried another image. The time was 31 seconds to open in Photoshop.
  9. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom to Photoshop is very slow

    When I move an edited image from Lightroom to Photoshop, the process seems abnormally slow. I'm using the Edit In command from Lightroom to Photoshop 2020. A sample image I timed at 61 seconds with Photoshop already open. The image is not abnormally large - a full size image from a Nikon Z6...
  10. Eric Bowles

    What do you do with different versions of your images?

    I'd suggest two strategies. Lightroom is a very good digital asset manager - or catalog. Use it. Every edited image goes in LR so you can search, organize, and locate the images. Take the time to add keywords reflecting processing or other searchable terms. If you have similar images and...
  11. Eric Bowles

    File naming - when useful

    I've been using the same naming structure for about 12 years. I'm using Photo Mechanic as a front end for downloads, naming, rating, and keywording - and it uses variables. It's a lot faster than Lightroom, but the ideas are similar. My folder structure is intended to stand alone without...
  12. Eric Bowles

    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    I'm not saying it is a problem. I'm fine with Win 10. I'd look elsewhere for the issues the OP was having with LR.
  13. Eric Bowles

    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    Like some of the others, I also copy from the card to my computer first, then import to LR as a separate step. It's faster and eliminates potential issues. For me, the Lightroom Import step is the first step in editing, so I normally apply some basic presets making the Import step take longer...
  14. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom Classic Catalog

    I had the same message. I did a reboot of my computer after the LR Classic update, and upon opening LR got a message about approving a catalog update. Apparently LR Classic 9.0 updates your catalog. The error message you got is because the software does not open until you also update your...
  15. Eric Bowles

    Frequency of monitor calibration for non-professionals

    As mentioned, your images don't change. But often an uncalibrated monitor is much too bright and a little too cool. When you are editing, you look at the monitor and adjust the scene to your taste. But if the monitor is to bright, you probably are ending up with prints that are slightly dark...
  16. Eric Bowles

    LR/ Photomechanic question

    Not yet. PM is a lot more flexible in terms of having multiple catalogs. PM supports Collections in a similar manner to LR including across catalogs, but I don't know the details yet. The PM search and filtering is as good or better than LR because of the use of variables. And the structured...
  17. Eric Bowles

    LR/ Photomechanic question

    Hi Phil It looks promising right now but I'm just getting started. I was delayed by a crash because Microsoft shoved through an Office update concurrently. But the crash did not adversely impact creating the catalog and everything is working nicely. System performance is fine. I think for...
  18. Eric Bowles

    LR/ Photomechanic question

    Linwood describes the process I use. I have both windows open side by side and move the navigation panel of the LR Library out of the way to have more space.
  19. Eric Bowles

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    One of the interesting things about this test is it did highlight a $9.99 per month Lightroom + 1 TB Cloud plan. I see a lot of photographers that never use Photoshop, and many of these photographers lack appropriate storage and backups. The LR+ 1TB plan is a good solution for those that are...
  20. Eric Bowles

    LR/ Photomechanic question

    I'm using a similar workflow for PhotoMechanic 6.0 and Lightroom Classic 8.2. I'm also running the PM6.0 Catalog Beta. But I'm on Windows 10. I rate all my images in PM, cull deletes, apply keywords and captions, and then go through my 4 and 5 rated images to choose Selects and give them a...
  21. Eric Bowles

    Are 8GB enough for a laptop (with Smart-Previews) ?

    There is a difference in the RAM required for a laptop with a fast solid state drive vs. a laptop with a spinning hard drive. I was concerned about just 8 MB of RAM on one of my laptops, but it's actually working fine with a fast solid state hard drive. If you are doing a lot of panos or HDR...
  22. Eric Bowles

    LR Classic editing issues

    For convenience, Export a small JPEG file - -800 pixels on the long side and medium quality - and put it in a folder designated for the web. I apply a watermark with my export. I call this folder "Web Post". I have a subfolder for each year - Web Post 2018, etc. This puts all the photos for...
  23. Eric Bowles

    Lightroom Classic CC Update 8.1 - Nikon Z6 support and more

    Adobe Creative Cloud has been updated to support the Nikon Z6. There are updates to Lightroom Classic CC, Camera Raw, and Bridge. Nothing for Photoshop yet but I'm sure it is on the way - and you can use ACR. The latest version of Lightroom Classic CC is 8.1. I've done a quick test on a single...
  24. Eric Bowles

    Classic CC much slower than LR5.x ?

    With the kind of upgrade you made, I suspect the issue is your import settings or your preferences. Are you seeing the slow performance on Import or when editing images? Usually the issue is related to applying settings and creating large previews on import, or the way minor edits are applied...
  25. Eric Bowles

    LR 8 upgrade

    LR 8 is part of the Adobe Photographer's Plan. You can't get LR 8 as a stand alone product. I'm very happy with LR Classic using the Photographer's Plan. I get regular updates and enhancements and the initial out of pocket is much lower than stand alone programs. It's not for everyone, but...