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  1. achrysos

    Slideshow module grumpy about the slideshow module

    There haven't been any serious or significant updates to the Slideshow (and Print for that matter) module for such a long time, and yet it is such an easy target as there are quick fixes that could be made. So I got to wondering whether the gripes I have are the same as the experience of...
  2. achrysos

    Which table parameter stores the image file size in .lrcat dbase?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong discussion forum to post this question to, but it's the most appropriate one I could see. I am trying to use some python and sql to extract different aspects of my LR catalogue. Does anybody know how I can extract the file size of the images in my database, and...
  3. achrysos

    More than one text field in Print Module

    I'd love to be able to use more than one text field in the Print Module. Right now you can only use the identity plate to any kind of text (or other image such as a 'photo frame') onto your printed image. I want to be able to have my identity plate, as my logo, on the printed image but also have...
  4. achrysos

    Colour Space confusion

    I'm a bit worried about opening a can of worms here which will just add to my confusion, but here goes anyway. There are two threads flowing through my mind. First is to use a consistent colour space in the camera and when editing/printing etc. In my case, my camera is set to give AdobeRGB...
  5. achrysos

    LR2 compatibility with LR1.4

    I'm really eager to try the LR2beta, but have some compatibility concerns with my present catalogue in LR1.4.1. Given that LR2 is in beta, this means that it is likely that some things will not work as they should be the time of the final release. So this is my question for you - if I try...
  6. achrysos

    Mac OS Driver for HP Deskjet 3845

    Hi all, I hope this is OK to post here, but I'm looking for help. I've tried the HP web site to download the latest driver for my printer but didn't get anywhere. It's a pretty old printer that I bought in the UK some 4-5 years ago to use with my WinXP system. Now I am in the US (don't see...
  7. achrysos

    New DNG & LR

    So, with a new version of DNG released this week, are we to expect an interim update to LR or will we have to wait for v2.'?
  8. achrysos

    RAW or DNG

    I'm new to this forum (and aren't I glad I found it!) so apologies if this has come up in another post - I tried a search but couldn't find anything (which surprised me really). I have a few questions if I may: what is the real difference between RAW and DNG? what are the advantages of one...