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  1. Hal P Anderson

    Strange problem when computer wakens from sleep mode

    I do too, and my computer sleeps rather than hibernates. On the other hand, waking from hibernation is probably quicker than opening LRC. You'd have to check that.
  2. Hal P Anderson

    Strange problem when computer wakens from sleep mode

    It could be that Windows wakes up LRC before it reconnects to your external drives. Lightroom looks for its catalogue and gets no response because the drive is still "sleeping." You could try Hibernating rather than Sleeping and see if that makes a difference.
  3. Hal P Anderson

    Full screen culling

    Shift-tab will close all the side panels, leaving lots more room for your image. The flags, colour label, and stars, will still be visible as long as your task bar is showing. It isn't quite full-screen, but it's close.
  4. Hal P Anderson

    Thanks for having me!

    It could be that you're starting LRC with an icon on your desktop that still refers to an ancient version. What happens when you double-click directly on your LR catalogue?
  5. Hal P Anderson

    Catalogs Issue with cleaning up folders and sub folders

    They aren't really in both places. Make sure you don't have Show Photos in Subfolders ticked:
  6. Hal P Anderson

    Site Performance

    It's OK here in eastern Canada.
  7. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Linear Gradient - Purpose of moving the vertical line?

    Moving the line sideways moves the centre of rotation. I think it has always worked that way.
  8. Hal P Anderson

    Is it possible to export a photo without external hard drive plugged in?

    You'll need to generate smart previews for the images that you're considering exporting. These are considerably smaller than your raw files, and they are smaller in pixel dimensions. They will take up some disk space. How much space you're willing to devote to them is for you to decide.
  9. Hal P Anderson

    Unable to update any apps

    How much free space is on your system volume?
  10. Hal P Anderson

    Polygonal Lasso Tool

    You're in the correct forum. Personally, I don't use PS enough to have encountered this. On the face of it, it's hard to say if it's a hardware problem or a software bug. It is an error of some sort. Are your video card drivers up-to-date? How much free space do you have on your system disk?
  11. Hal P Anderson

    The name fonts and location covers ~ 20% of the image. Shouldnt the name be located on the border of the image?

    Could you attach a screen shot that shows both the entire LRC window and the problem?
  12. Hal P Anderson

    The name fonts and location covers ~ 20% of the image. Shouldnt the name be located on the border of the image?

    I can make LRC do that, but only if the Lightroom window doesn't fill the screen and I have chosen "Fill" instead of "Fit" in the Navigator panel. It isn't a bug.
  13. Hal P Anderson

    How to enter captions for several pictures at once

    You have to click a button. They moved it with LRC 11 and changed its default:
  14. Hal P Anderson

    Smart Collection within Folder excluding Sub-folders

    Rob, I didn't understand the question either. Hence my answer. Rather than using a smart collection, one could uncheck that menu item and then filter in Grid View for the attributes that he wants just within that folder. John Ellis's AnyFilter plugin might do the trick, if grid view filters...
  15. Hal P Anderson

    Smart Collection within Folder excluding Sub-folders

    I take it that you want to show just the images in a folder, but not in its subfolders. In the 'Library' menu, uncheck "Show Photos in Subfolders". Then you can select a folder in the folder panel to see just its contents.
  16. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Can't seem to Install ICC profile

    That will require you to re-install all your apps. It re-installs windows, and it leaves only your data alone. It probably isn't what you want to do. If you assign a letter toward the end of the alphabet to your external disk, Windows won't change it on you.
  17. Hal P Anderson

    I cannot see all of the modules at the top right of the screen. When I right click /choose "show all" nothing happens?

    There's an interface bug. If you aren't in fully-expanded-window mode, you can reduce the width of your LRC window, and the module-picker bar doesn't resize to show all the modules it's supposed to.
  18. Hal P Anderson

    LRC quits after login splash screen

    Here's how:
  19. Hal P Anderson

    Print JOB -> Print Adjustment

    If your prints are too dark, the standard fix is to calibrate your screen less bright. The recommendation is around 120 candles/square metre. Most calibration devices will let you specify screen brightness. The controls of which you speak are really a stop-gap, and you'll burn a lot of paper...
  20. Hal P Anderson

    Culling prior to Import?

    The Premium Membership is for the Missing FAQ books and some extras: Using this forum is not included in that and is always free to anyone who registers.
  21. Hal P Anderson

    Spot Removal Not Working After Update to 11.1

    Make sure the Opacity slider is set to a reasonably high value.
  22. Hal P Anderson

    How do I import these files ?

    Exporting just creates a copy. The original and all its edits remain in the catalogue.
  23. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom Fonts

    Even if the "OK" button doesn't show, you can hit the "Enter" key.
  24. Hal P Anderson

    What happens when cancelling the subscription service not that I intend to

    To expand on what Johan said, Quick Develop still works, and you still get the updates to LRC when they come out.
  25. Hal P Anderson

    Library module Missing Folders

    The "Missing Photos" special collection is not "live" like you are expecting it to be. You need to do the "Find Missing Photos" command again to refresh it.