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    Can't Find System Folders in Lightroom With Mac

    I'm trying to install a publish plugin in Lightroom (CC, current version) and I can't find the folders In Lightroom though I can see some of them in Finder. I have used the terminal program to turn on show all files/folders. For example, I've identified the plugin folder as /applications/adobe...
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    I have just started doing HDR, generally taking 5 photos and merging them using an external program and then bringing the HDR photo back into Lightroom. I import the photos and create a collection and once completed stack the 6 photos together inside the collection. I have found that the...
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    Hello From Atlanta

    Longtime follower of The Lightroom Queen blog but was unaware of this forum until it was mentioned on another site. Took a quick look at the wealth of information and am looking forward to being part of the community. Bob