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    Catalogue not found in recently updated v10

    I fired up LRC and it would not start, finally it said it couldnt find the catalogue. I freaked. i have a time machine backup. i do remember when it updated the new version it said it saved the old catalogue somewhere or that i would not be able to use the old catalogue? I dont remember...
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    Lightroom crashed, restored from bkup, now LR won't render images

    Hi everyone! Yesterday I was in GRID view. Looking through a smart folder of images without keywords and SPRAYPAINTING keywords-while in GRID view. All of a sudden , LR 5.7 began to LAG, then it hung up. [ Just before this, somehow a small menu appeared that controlled the thumbnails in the...
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    Deleting old backup LRCATs causes WARNING window to appear for action?

    I am making room and I went to my backup of LRCAT dating back to early 2013. I deleted all the way to maybe feb/2014 and sent to trash. When I open LR again I get the following message: The catalog at location (/Volumes/Elements/lightroom backups/2013-06-07 1157/Lightroom 4 Catalog-2-2.lrcat)...
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    Images edited in PS get lost on the return trip

    This happens to me ALL the time. Okay most of the time. I will CMD-E a .DNG file while in LR-CC. I edit it in PS-CC and thenSAVE it. It saves... When I arrive back in LR, I expect to see the image I was working on as a .tiff.. WHat I see is something that says, no photo was selected. Thisis...
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    Image file found: Pictures Vanish from LR

    LOL Fine! be that way! So I have to make room on my hard drive so I moved everything to an external drive. I went back in tonight looking for some images I shot and the all have a "?" for those folders....but i know where the images live now. So, I clicked on the "?" and pointed to the the...
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    lightroom 3.0 & CS4 are they ALSO 64bit

    Trojans and bad ju-ju have strucl my XP-pro and a re-format is warranted but since it is a very old OS I am at a juncture: windows-7 32 or 64 bit OS. Fine and dandy but what happens to the 2 most important programs on my system? I am running LR3.6 and CS4.....I have the disks but can't find...
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    LR 3.5x takes forever to shut down: Is reinstall the answer

    My backup file is about 217mb. It takes at least 10mins, at least to backup, verify and optimize. I had a malware attack oct. 24th.11, and stuff hass been happening....we have clean stuff up but some lingering issues are a big pain. I have my folders backup up. should i completely remove LR...
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    Import from catalog: what happens to this catalog

    Hello everyone! I follow Scott Kelbys LR3 book for transferring my work from my studio laptop to my main processing computer in my office using the EXPORT TO CATALOG technique. So then I transfer the folder to where I keep my LR pictures in MY COMPUTER. Then I IMPORT AS Catalog into LR...
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    Creating a NEW catalogue: What can I add to it

    Wow sounds like a dumb question, allow me to elaorate. I have been with LR since 1.0 and it seems like my catalog is gigantic. too many eggs in one basket and backups are forever. I want to create a new catalog but will this be NEW GOING FORWARD, or can somehow import the 3 current photo...
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    Finding Destination EXPORT location

    I have been working on a project for months and it seems like different collections of the same project were put in different folders. I am getting ready to export a finished product. I know where one folder is but if it doesn't go there I am wondering how can I tell where it will be sent to...
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    LR3, tethered shooting and FILE SIZE

    i JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH adobe. we were trouble shooting the reason why the program will capture a few images then stop transferring images from my MarkIIN; sometimes I can shoot an entire series without a hiccup....then it hangs. we tried changing the file size of the images from RAW to...
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    LR3: VISTA doesn't know what program to use for tethered module

    LR3, Canon MarkIIN. plug in camera camera window settings appear in LR3 [ but behind the scenes a window is opened that wants to know what program to launch EOS MARKIIN and the choices are: Picassa# and MOCROSOFT OFFICE DOCUMENT IMAGING. This could be the reall problem here] first shot goes...
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    Lockup crash after LR 3.2 Update

    All of the above. I am trying restore points at this time. This makes me very nervous. Has anyone experienced bad ju-ju like this with the update? i reverted back a notch until the smoke clears. thanks
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    Converting to DNG but keeping file name

    I have been converting everything to DNG on IMPORT. But I noticed that once in Lightroom and in the saved folded all the files that I named while on the shoot suddenly becomes : untitled-65.dng How can i maintain the original name as i convert to DNG? I can't figure this out...thank you
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    lightroom 3 tethered shooting troubleshooting

    I just upgraded to LR3 for the tethered feature and I can't get it to work. It would work somewhat with LR2 and the EOS utility. i will be using it primarily on ly laptop, vista. canon mark2n, firewire.... start lr3, plug in the camera, it is recognized by LR3 but the pictures do not auto...
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    PRINT MODULE: print to jpg-borderless

    I have arrived into the world of color space, calibrated monitors and PRINTING to jpg from the PRINT MODULE. For the longest time, I would simply EXPORT to a folder because I thought in PRINT you could assign a color space-uh, you can also do that in EXPORT as well. Is there a way to print to...