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    Panasonic G3 in JPG output only mode

    Hi, Wife has just purchased a G3, at the moment will be in JPG only mode as she does not want to have to use lightroom, already has too much housework :) Anybody got a G3 and reccomend any profiles etc to apply. Does the jpg need adjusting with a lens profile or is this already done in the...
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    Friedls Folder publisher

    A few quirks in the software when setting it up, but once set-up works does what it says on the tin. Saving me hours, makes keeping my web photos up to date easy and trouble free. I think I saw it mentioned on this forum but if anybody missed it here it is again...
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    Scott Bourne

    Is officially moving over to Lightroom permanently !!! Welcome Scott Bourne
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    Scroll button on mouse

    Sets the values in the develop module, does not appear to move the slider. Go onto next picture and back and slider reflects the values. Is this me or can it be replicated. It's not really a massive bug just visually looks wrong but does the work. If it's not just me.
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    Perfect Resize (formerly known as Genuine Fractals)

    I have taken some pictures of my daughter riding and I don't have a long zoom. So the pictures are cropped quite a bit one picture that I would like to make a canvas print out of is 1589 x 2383 pixels. When I export if I set the size to be the same as the canvas then LR will enlarge it. It...
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    Scott Bourne quite like LR4 - why he might move from Apeture. Interesting what he says about RAW conversion and clarity
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    I think LR4 makes my pictures look better

    I for one would like to say that after using LR4 on some old pictures, that most of them look better, to me, after redeveloping and it seems "easier" to make pictures look better. The difficult ones with lost details in shadows and highlights, just seem so much easier (or maybe I wasn't using...
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    Perfectly Clear

    Anybody tried this? Any opinions? Is it any good? Cheers
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    So, I've been in the wrong time zone for the last 4 months, calling me stupid?!!

    Got fed up of not knowing when messages had arrived, lo and behold, in your profile settings, Time Offset. DOH, DOH, DOH, DOH :) So for any non US based persons, who suffer from my problem of wanting to know when messages arrive with a real time stamp. Edit your profile. :p
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    Facebook - updatred picture handling

    Facebook is now taking pictures bigger than 72'px on longest edge. And then you can download a high resolution picture.
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    can't remember who mentioned it or in which thread but I'm liking Carbonite as an offsite backup solution and as long as your file changes don't average more than 2GB per day, i think it works pretty well. If you are UK based it's cheaper to buy it in Dollars, about half the price
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    LR3 too good, it's a real PITA

    Such a pain. Update your catalog, start looking through old photos that you had pre LR, go into develop module make a few changes, massively (it's an opinion) improve your photos, move onto the next one 3 hours later you realise the football is about to start. I'm lovin it!
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    Simple test heal with lens correction on vs correction off

    I think that lens correction may be causing a lot of slow downs in the develop module when using brushes, clone/heal etc. Quick test on one picture do 1' healing operations by clicking and moving mouse quickly and time how long the last one takes to appear, with and without lens corrections...
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    Export times with new Lens correction options

    It looks like the old adage of not getting something for nothing is still true. Using the lens correction feature nearly doubles the export times of pictures in the web module for me. I am suprised as I did not notice a slow down in the develop module. Is this a common experience? The benefits...