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    Two Mac Question

    I have for a long while been using Lightroom on my Mac Mini with my photos stored on an external disk which is permanently connected to the Mac Mini and I have recently got a Macbook Air and I would like to access the same photos on it along with the ability to process new photographs using...
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    Using Apple Print to order prints from Lightroom?

    Is there a way to order direct with Apple Print from within Lightroom rather than having to go to Apple's Photo App? A plug-in maybe?
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    Unable to adjust Thumbnail size

    On opening LRCC today I am unable to adjust the thumbnail size in the Library module! The slider has disappeared. I am now stuck with large thumbnails so can only see two at a time so any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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    Upload to iCloud

    Anyone know how to upload photos to an iCloud account? Cheers.
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    Duplicating photos in Photoshop

    My normal workflow is to do some editing in Lightroom and then edit a duplicate with Lightroom adjustments in Photoshop CC, save the resulting image back into Lightroom and this works fine. Very often I want to then convert a duplicate of that image into monochrome, (I generally use Silver Efex...
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    “Comments not supported here"

    Although a Comments field appears in Library Mode I am getting the message “Comments not supported here” anyone now how to activate this facility? Cheers. (I am using Lightroom CS).
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    Exporting problem

    I have a problemwhen exporting images from Lightroom, (File>Export) in that when I have cropped an image in LR the cropping is not saved in the exported file. Fig 01 shows an image in LR and Fig.02 is how the image appears after exporting. I must be doing something wrong but can not work out...