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    LR6 installed but problematic

    Bonjour, My original post : LR6 installer missing, apparently gave the impression that the problem was abandoned ( "W7 come back !) Not so and I remain in the dark as to the meaning & solving of the error messages. I reiterate: Having updated the computer to be compatible with W10 & 11, I...
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    LR6 installer missing

    Bonjour, Unable to communicate with the Adobe Robots, I look for help here, amongs Humans ! In 2017, installed LR6 ( CD from Adobe ) on W7 as Visa was not LR6 friendly. 2 days ago multiple problems left me with no apparent choice but to totally uninstall LR6. I first tried several proposed...
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    Lost time importing "damaged" files

    Bonjour, I came down this morning to discover that I had lost the night! Having created a new catalogue in LR4 and imported some 30000 files correctly, LR proceeded with the 'rendering' operation over night. At 12.05am, it asked the usual question ; "damaged files, what do I do? "...
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    LR back_up : how many files?

    Bonjour, I have transfered/ converted a LR2.7 catalogue to LR4 in a new computor. I have copied the old & new catalogue to an external drive. When checking dossier sizes, I cannot understand the differing outlays; expl: For the same b_up date, I have different file size/n°s on C: & L: (...
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    Transfering an upgrade to new computor - will it take it ?

    Bonjour, Having 'upgraded' my Canon EOS 450D to v 600D, I needed to update camera raw ( free ) which then required ( costly )upgrading of: PSE7 to v10, LR2.7 to v4 then windows XP to W7 and finally, my old computor which can no longer cope has to be changed... usual complaint. But, my question...
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    transfer problem: LR2.7 to LR4.2 __uncertain as to correct procedure.

    Bonsoir, A simple question for which I am not certain I have understood the differing procedures... I switched from XP to W7 then tried to transfer my LR2.7 catalogue to LR4.2 manually. Fine, except that the collections naturally did not follow. My set up in the library is as above. The...
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    compatibility problems _ EOS 600D, CR6, LR2.7 & XP!

    Bonjour, I have just changed my camera from the Canon EOS 450D to the EOS 600D I use W.XP, LR2.7 & PSE.7 with CRaw 4.5 According to the Adobe file, I need CR 6.4.1 with an update to PSE9 : no problem. However, Adobe adds LR3.4.1 to the compatibility requirements! As I am with the XP...
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    LR4 & Windows XP

    Bonjour, I have LR2.7 working on Windows XP sp3. I wish to upgrade to LR4 but note that LR4 ( &LR3 ) requirements no longer cover XP. Is this so ?
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    Converting to DNG or TIFF 16 bits ?

    Bonjour, As a neophyte, my question may seem simple to this forum, but I am also using it to avoid controversy. I have used the Sigma DP1s for the past year - at half the price of a Canon wide angle, I have an excellent wide angle compact. However, the retractable lens has jammed & it...