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    Destination Folder not Writable- Can't Import

    I am using a MacPro 2013 and just purchased a new 10TB HGST HE Hard Drive. I copied my previous images hard drive to this one and everything has been working fine until yesterday. Now, when I try to import images in LR to the Hard Drive with my CF Card Reader, I get this message. A few answers...
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    Need help setting up wallets

    I need to print wallets of 178 images (2 wallets each). I will do this on my Epson printer. I can't figure out how to set this up automatically in Lightroom without dragging and dropping each image. Any tips on the most efficient way to do this would be great.
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    Edit in Photoshop- Not Working

    I just got a new hard drive and upgraded my Mac Pro to Sierra from Mavericks. I am running Lightroom CC and when I got a Raw image and "Edit in" Photoshop, it opens up Photoshop but the image doesn't open up. I have it set in the preferences to Edit in Photoshop and create a PSD. Not sure what...
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    HELP- LR import iPhone 6- Error Message and won't import but a few images

    I am trying to import photos from my iPhone 6 to my hard drive (connected to my MacPro 2014) that is connected by Thunderbolt. It will only import a few pictures (24 this last time) and then I get a dialog box that says pictures cannot be imported because of an error. I have also tried importing...
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    Renaming Photos

    When renaming photos, several of the photos have a "-2" at the end of the file name. I can't figure out how to get this to quit. I have a custom setting to use a "Seq. number-name" type system. I found this thread and copied Victoria's recommendation: If you continue to have preview weirdness...
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    iPhone 6 Photos download issue

    I have an iPhone 6 and I have been having issues with Lightroom 5.7 downloading photos. I get a message often saying "The following files were not imported because they could not be read. (24)" I don't know what the problem is. But I am frustrated with not being able to import the photos into...
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    Sort Order- by Date Time Digitzed?

    I have a wedding that 3 different cameras were used. I edited capture time on 2 of the cameras so that all camera files would be changed to the correct capture time/order. I am trying to sort all of the images according to the "Changed" Digitized time. For some reason, it is still sorting by...
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    Problems importing from CF card to LR5

    I have a new MacPro and upgraded to Lightroom 5 and CC Photoshop. I am having a lot of problems importing from CF cards. I have tried different card readers and different ports. I have some movies on the CF cards (SandDisk 32GB Extreme). In the past, with LR 4 and my old Mac, I had no problem...
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    Lightroom 5.3 on Mac Pro 2013- Importing problem from iPhone 5

    I just got Lightroom 5 as well as the Mac Pro 2013. I plugged my iPhone to import photos as usual and it quits after importing 5 pictures. I tried it several times and it always imports 5 new pictures, no matter how many pictures or movies I have selected. Then Lightroom freezes or it just sits...
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    LR3 Random Slowness

    I am so FRUSTRATED. I am having so many random slowness issues. I will build a catalog, build the 1:1 previews, and everything works perfectly, fast, etc. Then a day or two later, I will be working in the catalog (all in Library mode) and every photo shows "Loading". I have tried optimizing...
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    Adjust Date & TIme- 3 Cameras?

    Okay...I am a little stumped. I always synchronize my cameras in LR by taking a photo with all 3 cameras at the exact same time and then sorting by camera and adjust time for all images with each camera. I usually have 3 different cameras (5D, 7D, 3'D). Well, this time, I borrowed a friend's...
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    How to open up in CS4, rather than CS5 from Lightroom 3.0 (Edit in...)?

    When I Edit opens up PS5 instead of PS4. I have the trial version of CS5 and it is very slow on my computer. I am mostly using PS4, but every time I try to open an image from Lightroom, it forces me to go to CS5. Anyway around this. My CS5 trial ends in 7 days and I won't buy right...
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    Previews "Loading"...Even after Rendering at 1:1

    There is no rhyme or reason to this, but I can be scrolling through the previews in the Library with everything moving quick as lightning, then all of the sudden, every photo shows "Loading" and takes a second or two to sharpen. I have tried closing the catalog and reopening, but it didn't help...
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    LR2.6 Catalogs open in LR 3.2 Beta- How do I stop?

    When I click on any LR Catalog that I previously had in 2.6, it tries to open in 3.2, but won't. How can I stop all of my current LR catalogs from trying to open in 3.2 when I click on them?
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    Lightroom/Photoshop Issue

    Lightroom/Photoshop Issue (may be a problem for Victoria)... I have PSD's located on Hard Drive (internal in Mac Pro). I have LR Catalog on MBP that is connected by Ethernet network to Mac Pro. I open LR Catalog on MBP and then Edit in PS (which opens up the PSD from Mac Pro). After making a...
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    Printing Question- 8 unique wallet size per page?

    I need to print about 5' wallet size photos (5' unique images) and would love to know the easiest way to set this up to print in Lightroom (or PS if that is easier). I never do package printing, but can pretty easily figure out how to print a package of the same image, but can't figure out...
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    Lightroom/Photoshop Saving to another computer issue- HELP!

    I posted this on DWF in case someone is on both...don't want you to have to duplicate answer. I am just looking for help as quickly as I can find it...Thanks! This is the situation~ I have a LR Catalog residing on my MBP and it is accessing Raw files that are connected to my MacPro (Internal...