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    Can i filter only favourited images in IOS?

    Ive shared out a gallery of images, and people are favouriting them for me to get printed. I can see the icons come up in LR on my ipad but can i filter out the rest of the images? I need to develope only these and while i can work through the images I’d like to not see the ones i dont want. I...
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    LR mobile lens correction ruining my raw files.

    Ive recently got a Canon 5Dmkiv and have been noticing my raw files changing quite drastically once they are imported in to LRM on my iPad pro. They get brighter and look a bit more washed out. Ive whittled this down to the lens correction routine. Turning this off causes the images to remain as...
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    LR mobile to Facebook very low res. Why?

    Ok, so i love the fact that i can load my raw files on my iPad Pro and use LR to edit them. If i export as a JPG to the Photo app and upload to FB then i see a slight drop in IQ, but If i go from LR direct to FB the IQ is appalling. I know FB gets a lot of blame for everything, but if i can...
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    Did Adobe overlook fixing the Publish module?

    Two things i had happening in the rc are still bugging me in the final release. If i make any adjustments to a published (facebook and flickr) image LR wants to republish tihs. I can understand this, but if i dont want it to i have to click twice on the image to get it to be marked as up to...
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    LR3 wont replace Facebook images. Is this how it works?

    I have no problems uploading to FB but if i want to replace an image (normally after some tweaking since it was first published) i get an error saying LR cant delete the image. This means i end up with more than one copy of the image on FB as LR still uploads the tweaked version as well. Thanks...