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    "Pinning" or saving a "Favourite" folder / photo import source location?

    Hi - happy holidays ahead to all! As I'm closing out the calendar year it hit me once again how FRUSTRATING in my daily work environment to, every time I import images, have to navigate within a VERY NESTED network/folder structure (very unique work environment yes, noted) and having to open...
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    Using Brush Tool doesn't show much change... (inconsistent)

    Hi - it's starting to drive me bonkers now and I can't figure it out. I have saved my own adjustment presets (brush) for things like Brightening Eyes in this example. Sometimes when I use Brush Tool I'm seeing little-to-no effect when I brush-on and even when making gross adjustments to...
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    Export Need to export with DATE and NUMBERED SEQUENCE from large collection with multiple dates

    Hi there; simply cannot figure how to export a large collection of multiple-date shot photos (long travel trip) and wish to name them as: Original date_sequence So ex: 20200419_062 followed by 20200420_001 and not, as I seem to be getting, 20200419_062 followed by 20200420_063 Is that making...
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    External Editor -- sometimes opens PS CS6 sometimes PS CC2014

    Hi - at wit's end here. I've simply got some plugs in PS that I need to use in workflow and I'm on LR CC 2015.3 I'm GUESSING the folks at Adobe have chosen to LOCK USERS IN to using CC products in workflow. LR seems to 'apparently randomly' open an image in PS CS 6 or PS CC2014. Preferences...
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    watermark export with filename?

    Hi folks; I have had my laptop go down and have to review photos on ipad (no, I don't have a new ipad/lightroom mobile) and am hoping to be able to watermark all images with the file name for reference. Is there a way to do so? I just see image/text capability in the export/watermark area...
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    "No Photo Selected" despite...a photo being selected.

    Hi - I've created a self-contained catalog from a larger project that just has my selected photos to work on. I'm working in grid view in the Library and double-click a photo to get a larger view. Doing an initial sort and when I hit D / go to the Develop tab module, I get "No Photo Selected"...
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    Syncing catalog and photos between computer and ext drive?

    Hi everyone; I have always been a user who worked directly to external drive but after a friend suggested staying on internal drive as much as possible to avoid a number of errors and crashes I was getting, I have done so. Then I was taking my external drive with me on laptop, but now... when I...
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    LR 4 - unable to move photos to a collection...?

    Hi - not sure what happened but I'm unable to move certain photos into collections. I just did shoots yesterday and created the collections, and then can't move some photos from 'all photographs' into said collections. (scratching head) Thanks
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    Help: problems with file names being changed in edits

    Hi there - not sure how this is happening but it's wreaking havoc when I create galleries of photos for clients and wish to show them in order. My zenfolio webpage is putting all the 'date name' photos in line before the actual DSC name photo files when I select both file name (obviously) and...
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    Previews not changing to reflect edits/changes made?

    Symptom lately is that thumbnails and preview images aren't showing the 'CHANGED' edits that I'm doing........ help? ie: work in a plugin / photoshop and save back to Lightroom, image doesn't look differently. I've closed program and reopened. Same thing. Jeff
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    Replacing Corrupt Files?

    Hi. Ok, so here's the situation. Wedding shoot. Largest of the season (of course). Client has yet to pick final images. It's from August. (of course). Regardless, I have 14 files that Lightroom won't touch anymore, Photoshop, Finder to move/copy. They're corrupted somehow - including...
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    "locking" a crop ratio/size?

    I'm doing a whole bunch of edits where client has requested 8x10 deliverables and it's a hassle to have to hit the crop tool and then pulldown/click 8x10 format. Is there a way to set this as a preference ? thanks
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    iphone and folder sync?

    Sorry to ask an iPhone-specific question here (flame away LOL) but I've recently switched my iPhone photos (I do a lot...) into Lightroom from (an unnamed Apple app that is named after a camera's depth of field and light control mechanism) another app. Wondering how other iPhone users sync...
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    Lost my 'photo names' in grid display

    Hi - sorry this is such an apparently-simple issue but I don't even know what to search for to look it up myself so here I am: I right-clicked on a photo by mistake and mis-selected something and despite me going back and clicking 'title' on the photos, now I have nothing in the grid display...
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    Importing ONLY JPEGs?

    When I've shot both RAW and JPEG - is there a way to select ONLY JPEG for import? I've switched to organize by file type but for some reason, they're still JPG/NEF side by side for each photo. Jeff
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    Both JPEG and RAW - renaming files/photos?

    Hi - just shot a wedding and went both JPEG and RAW but not in a direct 1-for-1 relationship. So not all RAWs have a JPEG equivalent. In any case, I was hoping to rename all the files after import to something else (not that it really matters...I suppose...) - it seems to me that LR just numbers...
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    Exporting as catalog - appears to be corrupt file... help?

    Hi there - new user since Nov and my external work drive was getting full so creating a new calendar. I had wanted to start it August 1st but shot since then so wanted to export photos as a catalog and then import to new catalog. But... it's hanging on one photo and won't copy over. I doubt LR...