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    Renaming .jpeg to JPG

    I have a number of files within LR which have the suffix .jpeg and I want to rename them to .JPG. Because LR sees identically named files with .jpeg and .JPG as different files I want to clean things up and just have .JPG files. I've searched using Google but all the articles and YouTube videos...
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    Lightroom running slowly today

    I am running Lightroom Classic v10.2 on an iMac with Catalina 10.15.7. Everything was fine but today Lightroom is running really slowly. I have checked that I haven't got lots of other progs open but still it runs slowly. AFAIK the only thing I did yesterday was to setup iCloud Backup for my...
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    Removing Duplicates

    For some reason LR has imported 2 copies of many files from my iPhone eg IMG_2469.HEIC IMG_24689-1.HEIC etc I thought that using the Duplicates 2 plug-in would find them but alas it finds none even though all the metadata is obviously identical I then thought that using wildcards might help...
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    Import Sources

    When I go to import photos into LR I am faced with a number of sources to choose from: Macintosh HD G-Tech Thunderbolt documents photo etc But I am also faced with a number of sources such as displayed on the attachment such as: Macintosh [email protected] plus a series of digits I want to...
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    Selective colour effect not working in Photoshop 21.2

    I want to convert an image to black and white and then bring back colour to a selected area. So I added a Black & White Adjustment layer and that gave me the black and version of my image. I then selected the Brush Tool and set my foreground colour to black. However when I begin to paint over...
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    Lightroom Plug-Ins not showing

    I have purchased the Lightroom Duplicates 2 plug-in, installed it using Plug-In Manager but when I go to Plug-In Extras it is not shown. I've re-started my computer but still it doesn't show. And now I study it nor do a number of others. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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    "An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file. Connecting to Dynamic Link server faile

    I know that this has been covered in an earlier thread but I didn't see a definitive answer/solution. I have been importing photos and videos into my library on my iMac (Sierra) but yesterday Lightroom displayed a message and listed all my video files that it was unable to import. The photos...