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  1. Hoggy

    "Server Busy" problem back with a Vengeance.

    Anybody else getting that every time they start up LR7.3? (Win10, AMD A8-3500M w/8GB (maxed)) I used to frequently get that at times, but mostly back in the ~LR4 era. I also remember John B mentioned that he came across that problem frequently at times, as well. It doesn't matter if opened...
  2. Hoggy

    AMD Threadripper 1950x: 10-bit video card and 64GB 3200mhz ram on Asus Rog Zenith Extreme X399 MB

    Well, let's just say that my ship has finally come in and I'm in the market for a new SuperComputer. I hadn't thought I'd ever be able to afford another machine (and I pretty much mean EVER), let alone an absolute BEAST - so I'm now quite out of the loop on these matters. I've hit a couple of...
  3. Hoggy

    Frequency of monitor calibration for non-professionals

    Well, I was recently having some 'fun' with graphics cards (well, AMD APU) after the Win10-FCU update - and long-story-short, I realized that my monitor profile is a year old! I know I keep meaning to break out my i1Display Pro, but still - I didn't think that I've kept meaning to do that for...
  4. Hoggy

    Internal Catalog Changes (was: Edit history and catalog size)

    Exact Lightroom Version: Classic 7.01 It's likely that the new catalog version hasn't been used by many extensively as of yet, so this may still be an unknown. Of course, I also realize the limited usefulness of keeping edit histories - but this is a little more towards hypothetical/academic...
  5. Hoggy

    Resetting rotation info to default

    Is there [still] no way to reset rotation info on, at least, raw DNG's - to the default as recorded by the camera? I'd assume it'd be the same with jpg and tiff, too.. As we know, rotation or flip info is not recorded in history. And it seems the only way to truly reset it is to remove and...
  6. Hoggy

    LR Catalog on SSD - cycle figures

    Yeah.. Another thread of this.. :rolleyes: I first bought a 240GB SSD last year specifically just FOR the LR app & catalog, and would not go back. Images have been stored regardless on a spinner. However, now I've done a fresh install of windows 10 onto the first half of the SSD, after...
  7. Hoggy

    Is the Develop module falling behind the times? (Capture One)

    I decided to try out Capture One Pro 8 recently. It had nothing to do with the recent Adobe fiasco, as I wasn't really affected at all by it - in fact the new HDR improvements were a boon. At first the interface seems kludgy, and in ways I still think that - like some windows not staying with...
  8. Hoggy

    Pentax K-3 HDR-raw files

    For those in the know, might LR ever be able to support the Pentax K-3 HDR-raw DNG files? Like allowing the extension of the sliders as if it was a LR-generated HDR? A while ago (I think when LR6.0 came out), I remember seeing something from Adobe stating that they were looking into them, but...
  9. Hoggy

    LR 6.2/2015.2 HDR definitely better!

    ... On same 3 shots, 1 1/3 stops apart, handheld - starting with same photo selected. In some areas it was marginally better, and in others it is night-and-day better! Wow! The older HDR was even blurry in these night-and-day areas. ... Just my 2 cents
  10. Hoggy

    Clipping: LR recovering vs. true clipping

    Hey all, This has been bugging me on the back burner for a very long time now and many searches at various times have turned up nothing conclusive. What I'd like to know is if anybody knows for sure... When LR indicates clipping - either via alt-sliding on basic panel adjustments like blacks...
  11. Hoggy

    Delay/threshold when moving sliders

    Has anyone else noticed a, more like a threshold, when moving any sliders? As if the amount you move it has to be over a certain amount for them to start moving and registering. It used to be that they immediately registered changes. ... Even holding the mouse button while still for a bit in...
  12. Hoggy

    So what is the 'Dehaze' actually doing?

    (Can't believe nobody else has asked yet...) It almost seems to act as a shadows contrast. But unlike with the other types of contrast, the 'standard basic-contrast' and mid-tone "clarity" contrast, which both seem to stretch/pull-apart the histogram values -- the '+' dehaze (via presets)...
  13. Hoggy

    Pen Mouse mini 'Review'

    Hi All, I just got a wireless pen mouse, along with an Intuos Pro small - and thought I'd give my thoughts about the pen mouse. For $11 (the price when I ordered it), the pen mouse might be a great alternative to a graphics tablet. Since I do also have a tablet now - I'd say of course the...
  14. Hoggy

    Lightroom and Wacom Pen & Touch Small tablet

    Hi everybody, I just got this above named tablet and am wondering in what way is LR supposed to be pressure sensitive... The adjustment brush has been mentioned in some Google searches, but I fail to find any combination that shows any pressure sensitivity. I tried changing the values for...
  15. Hoggy

    Thoughts on the new grad brush erasing not looking right

    Hi all, I'm surprised I haven't seen posts about this.. (and I've been google-ing) But has anybody else noticed how when they go to erase areas from the gradient, that the results just don't look right? And then there's times when using it with auto mask, that it leaves a 'funky' outline of...
  16. Hoggy

    Lens profile for Canon G7X?

    Hopefully this is the right forum section for this.. Does anyone know if there's ever going to be a lens profile for this camera? I know there's already one for the Canon S100, but will the G7X ever have one too -- or doesn't it need one for some reason?
  17. Hoggy

    Stopping auto lens profile correction only for 1 lens (fisheye)

    I'm wondering if there's a way to stop lens profile corrections, only for one lens - my Pentax DA10-17 Fisheye. I bought that lens as a creative tool, since I already have the Sigma 8-16 as my rectilinear ultra-wide lens. So I fully want the fisheye effect. (It feels strange having a fisheye...
  18. Hoggy

    Converted-JPG DNG's and Fast Load Data

    Hi all, I can't seem to come up with the right search terms to find this out via Google, so I'm asking here.. I've converted all my old JPG's to DNG for the file verification part (had a corrupted jpg that propagated through many of my backups - fortunately I was able to recover it via a...
  19. Hoggy

    Sharpening will stop showing/rendering until LR restart (or sometimes fiddling)

    I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this problem where any sharpening adjustments will just stop rendering? I think in at least 5.3, there would be problems where the mask overlay would stop showing sometimes - but now with 5.4 it's spread to all the sharpening sliders. Sometimes...
  20. Hoggy

    Do I need to wait for all photos to show in import dialog?

    Hi, I've been trying to find the answer but just can't seem to come up with the right search terms.. I'm wondering if all photos need to show up in the middle import dialog for Lightroom to import all photos that would be selected according to the left pane rules? For instance, say I have a...