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  1. sizzlingbadger

    Where is Lightroom CC (Cloud)

    Is the new "Cloud" version of Lightroom CC supposed to magically appear as a download in my Adobe CC Apps drop down ? or do I have to do something to get it to appear? I can't see it, I have the Photography CC Bundle at present and have checked updates.
  2. sizzlingbadger

    Adobe Cloud Storage Details

    I'm having trouble finding details of Adobes Cloud Storage on the Adobe website. With the recent announcement of the new Lightroom I have some questions before diving in. Where are the data centres that store the data ? What DR capability do they have ? What (country's) law can be appropriated...
  3. sizzlingbadger

    Lightroom CC Not Starting

    I installed LR CC but it won't start up. I see the splash screen for a fraction of a second then it dies. It manages to create the prefs file but thats about it.
  4. sizzlingbadger

    Aperture is dead ! Pretty sad, I really like Aperture and have been using it again recently with my Fuji X-Trans system as its way better than ACR/LR with these files.
  5. sizzlingbadger

    My Nikon D800 Camera Profile

    It rained all day yesterday so I finally got around to creating a Camera Profile for my D800 and thought I would share it in case its useful to anyone. It is based on the Adobe Standard profile but has a couple of fairly subtle tweaks to "improve" it - at least to my eyes / tastes :grin: This...
  6. sizzlingbadger

    Capture One Imports Lightroom Catalogs

    I have been playing with Capture One v7 for a couple of weeks and they have just released version 7.1.3 which contains Beta functionality to import Lightroom catalogs. Pretty interesting as I don't think any other raw convertors have tried this approach before. It currently imports Collections...
  7. sizzlingbadger

    Fujifilm X-E1 RAW and default crop problem

    Hi all, I just noticed an issue with my new Fuji X-E1 and Lightroom when I shoot in RAW only (RAW + JPG does not exhibit the same problem). After import the photos are showing cropped (16:9) by default. If I choose "Original" instead of "As Shot" in the crop tool it fixes it. Also hitting the...
  8. sizzlingbadger

    Photoshop CS6 Public Beta

    Adobe has launched a free public beta for their new Photoshop CS6 some free training for it too at
  9. sizzlingbadger

    XMP Time Zone Issue

    I have had some issues with importing into Aperture with the XMP files generated from Lightroom. Aperture was displaying the date and time as +13 hours from the original. My jpg and dng files are fine, only the nef files with XMP have issues. After a lot of investigation I have tracked it down...
  10. sizzlingbadger

    FYI... Aperture 3.2 XMP Time Zone Problem

    For those (few) that use Apple Aperture alongside LR I just thought I'd post this issue I found today. OSX 10.7.2 Aperture 3.2 TZ Wellington / New Zealand Testing:- check camera local time and date take photo create DNG from NEF import NEF & DNG into Lightroom check time stamps and all is...
  11. sizzlingbadger

    Lightroom 3.5 Available for download
  12. sizzlingbadger

    Layers For Lightroom

    This looks very interesting... At present it saves its output as a PSD, hopefully they will add Tiffs to that in the final option. If this is priced less than PS Elements then it...
  13. sizzlingbadger

    Apple OSX 10.6.7 tested OK

    As far as I can tell the recently released OSX 10.6.7 update doesn't break anything in Lightroom :razz:
  14. sizzlingbadger

    CS5 Upgrade Tips

    I'm probably a bit late with this but I finally caved in and bought the upgrade from CS4 to CS5 and thought I would share a couple of thoughts on my upgrade experience on a Mac. 1) De-install CS4 first (unless you want to keep it of course) I installed CS5 and then when I had downloaded...
  15. sizzlingbadger

    Lightroom 3.3 Invariant & Untwisted Camera Profiles Available Now
  16. sizzlingbadger

    Capture One v6

    Anyone else using this ? I'm playing with the trial and so far it seems to be much better than v5. The rendering of my NEF's is better in C1 than just about anything else I've tried but v5 was useless at management and had no local adjustments. Looks like the C1 engineers have taken a good look...
  17. sizzlingbadger

    Collection Pain Again

    More trouble with collections today.... I was browsing a smart collection and decided to I wanted to delete a few images that I had taken to advertise my old drum kit online. You can't delete from collections despite the option being presented to you in the context menu ::) There is a...
  18. sizzlingbadger

    Interesting Quake Map for Christchurch

    This shows whats been going on in the last few days here in NZ :eek:
  19. sizzlingbadger

    LR 3.2 Released

    Lightroom 3.2 has been released. Mod note: added link
  20. sizzlingbadger

    3.2 RC Issues

    I found a couple of issues with LR 3.2 today. I'm using Nik plugins which I have just purchased. When I save the Tiff (16bit) from Nik and return to LR I see 2 issues. 1) The thumbnail & preview for the image is not updated. If I select the image in Dev it looks ok and has the Nik changes...
  21. sizzlingbadger

    Invariant Camera Profiles Available

    I have created an "Invariant" version for all the Camera Profiles included with Lightroom 3. You can get them from here There is also some explanation as to why you might want them in an earlier post on the blog.
  22. sizzlingbadger

    Before / After not working correctly

    Has anyone else found that the Before & After views in the Develop module (The \ Key) are not working correctly in Lightroom 3 ? If I make changes to an image and use Before / After it works as expected and toggles between my developed image and the imported settings. If then move to another...
  23. sizzlingbadger

    Quick Poll - Which Nikon camera profile do you use in Lightroom ?

    I'm interested to see what people are using as their default profile and whether they stick with it or use the different profiles for different images. I currently use D2X Mode2 as my default profile with +1' dialled in on the Red Saturation Slider. I rarely change the profile for my images. We...
  24. sizzlingbadger

    Lens Correction Setup Option ?

    Does anyone know what the 'Setup' option is for in the lens correction panel ? The Manual doesn't mention it at all.
  25. sizzlingbadger

    Lightroom 3 Released

    I have just been to the Adobe Downloads Page for Lightroom 2 and all the text now refers to Lightroom 3. Still can't download it yet though, the actual download option is still LR 2.