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  1. Dianne_A

    Metadata Conflict

    I apologize for being a nitpicker here, but I'm trying to get a handle on the Metadata conflict issue and I don't know enough about it to figure out this sentence - just typos, I realize. Would you please clarify? It seems like the Metadata conflicts are increasing with the last two updates and...
  2. Dianne_A

    Website Closure is cancelled! We're staying open!

    Beautifully stated!! I've not been a daily or even weekly visitor, but when I had a need for LR help, this was first on the list because people listened and responded and followed-up. The Adobe help sites have improved somewhat, but, to me, there still is no sense that an interested human being...
  3. Dianne_A

    Can't update to LR 2016.6.1

    I'm still having memory leak problems on a Win 10 PC, 64-bit with 32GB RAM. LR is up to date AFAIK (2015.6.1). Just this morning, I had a message that my browser window had crashed and that I needed to close Adobe Photoshop Lightroom because it was taking two much memory. Very frustrating.
  4. Dianne_A

    LR 4.1 Edit In function doesn't work

    LR 4.1 Edit In function Thanks so much for directing me to the Adobe KB article. That's just what I was hoping to find. The registry tweak is faster for me - and it now works just fine.
  5. Dianne_A

    LR 4.1 Edit In function doesn't work

    I had both Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4.1 on my laptop. Then I upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and LR 4.1 didn't see it. After a week, I uninstalled CS5, thinking that LR 4.1 would be smart enough to recognize CS6 as the primary editor. Not so. LR 4.1 is looking for CS4, not CS5 or CS6. How can I...