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  1. Traktor

    Filter by Sync Status in LightroomClassic CC 7.3

    Hi, In the release description for version 7.3 there was written, that there is a „filter by sync function“. Where can I find it? It does not exist within the Filter panel? Could somrbody help
  2. Traktor

    Sync Sync has problems with one foto

    Jim, thank you very much for offering help!! In between I found a solution. It was fortune! I selected the Lightroom preference panel (sorry I work with the German version, so I dont know the exact English wording). Then I select the Lightroom sync preference panel. It was a fortune that I...
  3. Traktor

    Sync Sync has problems with one foto

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.2 Hi, I sync my LR catalog with LR mobile. "Normal" sync works well, but there is allways one foto left which is not synced. The message is always "sync one foto" (German version). I read a...
  4. Traktor

    Lightroom Mobile Watermarks

    Hi, Adding watermarks is not possible in lightroom mobile yet.
  5. Traktor

    Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

    Hi, I use „Excire“ and I am very satisfied. The new Lightroom CC has also AI tagging. But both systems do not write any Information in the keyword Field.