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  1. thommy

    Two Photoshop installations

    Hi Seems like I have two instances of Photoshop installed - see below image. Can I just uninstall v22.5.3? And all my preferences, actions and similar will not be lost for the newer version? Don't know why the older version hasn't been uninstalled during upgrade.
  2. thommy

    Organize my keywords hierarchically

    Hi I have a looooong flat list of keywords and want to bring some order in the chaos with just a few top " keyword holders". Like WHO? WHAT? WHERE? etc... What is the best way to reorganize? Any helpful plugins or tips how to do this? I rather not want to drag and drop in this loooong list of...
  3. thommy

    Smart Previews for performance

    Hi Is using the option to use Smart Previews when editing still valid using for performance in the develop module? In a article from Puget Systems below is stated "Oddly, with smart previews present we actually saw a performance drop on most CPUs in the new version of Lightroom. In fact, if...
  4. thommy

    What's included when you end your subscription

    Hi When you end your subscription of the photography plan the develop module and the map module and synching stops. You can still use the library module, continue importing, do some basic edits. But... Has that always been the case - from the start of the subscription plan introduction? Heard...
  5. thommy

    Linear profile automatically apply on import in Lightroom Classic

    Hi Is it possible to get a linear profile automatically apply on import in Lightroom Classic? I know you can apply choosen preset during import but not sure how to apply a profile, if even possible. Thommy
  6. thommy

    Lightroom Classic editing synched Lightroom (cloud version) photos

    Hi I follow a Lightroom/Photoshop group on Facebook and one person in that group stated and warned about using Lightroom Classic to edit synched Lightroom (cloud version) photos. The following should have been the reason: Since Lightroom Classic only upload smart previews, so if you edit...
  7. thommy

    Preset icons

    Hi Seen on a Facebook live event, an icon in front of edit preset name - see image... How is that done?
  8. thommy

    1:1 previews in lrdata folder

    Hi Quick question! Did the "xx previews.lrdata" folder for 1:1 previews exist from the very beginning of Lightroom or has that been added in the later versions? Reason why I ask is that Scott Kelby wrote that "previews get stored in your Lightroom database" in his book The Adobe Photoshop...
  9. thommy

    Shift-drag basic sliders on Mac

    Hi A friend of mine is using Lightroom Classic on a Mac. Showed him how to fine tune settings by dragging basic sliders whilst holding down Shift (on my PC). But it doesn't work using Shift on his Mac. I have tried to find the right keyboard key to get the same result for Mac but without...
  10. thommy

    Folder structure clean up advice needed

    Hi I'm helping a friend getting some structure in his image folders. He have almost all in date folder structure YYYY-DD-MM. But in one year there are 1000 just in the parent year folder. He want these to be put in individual YYYY-DD-MM-folders. What is the best way to accomplish this? Creating...
  11. thommy

    Lost my option to sync images to cloud

    Hi I cannot add a check mark next to my "normal" collections to sync with cloud from LR Classic any longer. The only thing I recently have done is to delete some entries in the folder panel that where named "Thommys Iphone". I was just checking howto remove these but there where no right-click...
  12. thommy

    Remove Catalog

    Hi How can I remove a Lightroom catalog from the "Open Catalog" dialog? Like the testkatalog below... Thommy
  13. thommy

    Keywording panel

    Hi I don't understand the difference in adding keywords in the large textbox vs the smaller white one in the keywording panel. Could someone explain that for me :) Thommy
  14. thommy

    Adobe Sensei functions in LR Classic

    Hi Just curious to know where the Adobe Sensei AI is implemented in Lightroom Classic. I think it's in use in face recogition and the develop module auto-button? Where else? Thommy
  15. thommy

    Certified Lightroom Expert - education

    Is it still possible to become a Certified Lightroom Expert? If yes - where and how? Cannot find anything online on Adobes homepages. Thommy
  16. thommy

    Most frequent asked question about Lightroom

    Hi I'm running Lightroom courses in my photography club and other places occasionally. And I'm curious and wonder what is the most frequent question/s you guys hear over and over again? Like - Where are my photos, I thought they were imported into Lightroom - hence backed up by Lightroom...
  17. thommy

    Creative cloud qouta

    Hi Is it correct that images synced from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC do NOT count against your Creative Cloud storage? If yes - does that mean I could sync my entire catalog without exceeding my cloud qouta? Thommy
  18. thommy

    File naming - when useful

    Hi I never rename my image files from camera import and cannot really see any use of it since I'm using keywords in Lightroom. I know people in their workflow do name their files and it can even be very detailed, like "Photographer Name-Place-Subject-Date". When could it be useful to name your...
  19. thommy

    Cloud space not updating

    Hi Last week I decided to remove photos from my cloud space to free up for future photos. Still keeping them in Lightroom Classic. The remaining space of my total 20 GB was 7,31 GB before the cleanup. I removed 4523 photos by going to Lightroom Classic > "All Synched Photographs" > "Remove from...
  20. thommy

    Adobe Sign in requires me to update password

    Hi Logging in to Adobe account requires me to update my password for some reason. Anyone knows if policy to change password more often has been announced or other reason for this? Haven't changed password yet... Thommy
  21. thommy

    Lightroom Classic August 2019 release (version 8.4)

    Hi Any thoughts or first impressions of the new release announced today? Will not be able to test or see what it's all about until later this evening. New features summary for the August 2019 release of Lightroom Classic Thommy
  22. thommy

    Expand and collapse stacks

    Hi I believe I read or heard somewhere that you could collapse and/or expand stacks by clicking on the number showing the number of images in the stack. I like to use them for quick collapse or expand of stacks. Anyone heard about this feature or have I been dreaming? :) Thommy
  23. thommy

    iPhone images cleanup

    Hi My iPhone is almost out of storage and I weant to remove majority of photos. What happens exactly when I do that? Will I still see the photos in my Lightroom app, since they have been synched to my cloud space included in the photography plan? Thommy
  24. thommy

    Restart Lightroom keyboard shortcut

    Hi Tried to search and find if there is any keyboard shortcut to restart Lightroom. Anyone knows if there is a secret keyboard combination? Instead of using the restart button in the preference window. Thommy
  25. thommy

    Smart Collection selecting months

    Hi I'm trying to collect all my best (4-5 stars) of each month all years in a smart collection. Tryed my best but failed - anyone have any ideas how to do it? That is 12 collections - from "Best of January - all years" to "Best of December - all years". If not possible - would there be any...