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    Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and Brush Presets

    I found some free presets for the Adjustment brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter. Should these presets be placed in the Develop Presets folder or the Local Adjustments folder?

    Using Lens Profiles

    Thanks for the reminder. If you use more than one camera make sure to check the box to make defaults specific to it in the Preferences-Preset tab

    Using Lens Profiles

    I have created a simple preset that adds lens correction and a couple of tweaks that I want to apply as a starting point for all my images. I have Lightroom apply this preset during Import so I don't have to take the time later. If I want I can always remove anything the preset did while in...

    Re-importing from internal drive to external

    I think you will need to set up your desired folder structure on the external drive and then drag the images while in LR in batches to the new structure.

    Which licence do you have: Perpetual (LR 6) or monthly CC?

    By LR 2015 CC do you mean the Photography Plan? There are other options that you do not list

    Lightroom keyboards and other gadgets

    Neil Great explanation in the video. This may just go on my birthday wish list. Is it possible with this controller to switch and use it for different programs? I think I could set this up to use with my right hand while I do everything it does not control using my Wacom tablet on the left. I...

    Editing bright bald heads

    I would use the Adjustment Brush set to Burn to locally reduce the glare. Use it lightly with feathering so your edits are not noticeable. You may also want to try the Highlight slider to take down the bright area.

    Hello From Arlington Heights, IL. US

    Hello all. I have been a reader of Victoria's blog and Facebook page for quite some time. I started my journey with LR 2 and have used it ever since along with Photoshop. THese programs are supplemented with Topaz Labs and ON1 add ons. My photography began in the film days, the early 70's and I...