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  1. gYab61zH

    Rel 11 a disaster in the Book Module

    I wonder if others have run into this as well. When I am in the Book module my workflow is stopped in its tracks again and again because LR is "Collecting information" all the time. I am on a fast machine, so that can't be it. I have yet to discover the logic behind this collection of information.
  2. gYab61zH

    Problem with map module?

    Is it just me or have you had problems with the map module today as well? I have been working with LR Classic all day and been unable to get either a hybrid or satellite overlay with the repeated message in the map itself saying "Sorry, we have no imagery here." I have never seen this before. I...
  3. gYab61zH

    Caption problem in Book module

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone else has run into a problem with the book module after the most recent update. The problem is with the Caption field which no longer updates immediately ... it takes many seconds. It has happened repeatedly now that I have entered text in the field only to find...
  4. gYab61zH

    A LR Classics folder sort issue

    I ran into an issue that I would like to resolve: When in Library mode I access a particular folder it always goes to the last (oldest) image even though the folder is organised Z-A on capture date. This only ever happens in one folder; all others behave normally. Any idea how I can remedy this?
  5. gYab61zH

    Previews conundrum on iMac

    Apologies for raising this issue again but despite having read up on it quite extensively things are still not entirely clear. Adobe is partly to blame for this. This is my dilemma. A few days ago I got a new 27" iMac (Intel i9 3.66 GHz 32Gb RAM) on which I hope LR Classic will now run a little...
  6. gYab61zH

    DNG problems (again)

    I read with some interest an earlier discussion here about people running into problems with DNG files because when they get updated the entire file needs to be backed up again. The solution offered by several contributors was an easy one, namely deactivate the option in Catalog Settings...
  7. gYab61zH

    Finding photos associated with a tracklog

    Perhaps a silly question, but is it possible to filter all the photos associated with a particular tracklog in LR? If not, does anyone know of a plugin that can do that?. I do know about and use JF's proximity search, but that is not the same. Elaboration: I record all my walks using a gps...
  8. gYab61zH

    Lost book: how to retrieve

    Hi, I recently checked my collection of books (>100) and noticed one was missing. I have no idea what happened but I guess it got accidentally deleted. However, how do I get it back? I tried "Import from another catalogue" but that only lists images, not books (at least I could not see any...
  9. gYab61zH

    Canon Print Studio Pro: "A printer supported by this software is not found"

    I am having a problem with my Canon Pixma Pro-100s in LR after updating to Catalina. I deleted the old printer driver and reinstalled the Canon updated one. I also reinstalled the Canon Print Studio plugin, but I am still getting the message "A printer supported by this software is not found...
  10. gYab61zH

    Book module: font problem

    I am an avid user of the book module, having produced a large number of books (70 at last count). I am reasonably pleased with the module, especially now that I have managed to solve one of my greatest frustrations, namely how to make a custom sort of all images in a folder carry over into a...
  11. gYab61zH

    File rename problem

    On import I rename all my files as follows: Date (YYYY)-Date (MM)-Date (DD)_Hour-Minute-Second(Filename number suffix) Now sometimes it emerges that I mistakenly left the camera on the wrong time zone, so I select all the files concerned and re-adjust the Capture Time in Metadata > Edit...
  12. gYab61zH

    Previews confusion

    Hi, I still find myself struggling with the various types of Previews in LR. I am on a 5K iMac and the auto Standard Preview generated on import is just short of 6000 by 4000, which is also the maximum size of my photos. When Standard Preview size and 1:1 are so close would I be better off...
  13. gYab61zH

    Import problem from SD card: no new images

    Just returned from a day trip shooting wild horses. I used two cameras and upon inserting the SD cards LR Classic showed none of the photos I made today. It did show some older ones from a few weeks ago. I am using LR Classic Release 8.2; Camera Raw 11.2 on an iMac Mojave 10.14.4. The SD cards...
  14. gYab61zH

    Book module: maintaining image order

    This is an old problem but extremely frustrating in that it creates a vast amount of unneccessary work for us that could easily have been avoided. I have a folder in which I have carefully ordered all the images in the order in which I would also like to use them in the photo book. When I click...
  15. gYab61zH

    Export Book to PDF option missing

    Previously I always chose the Blurb option when creating photo albums even though I stopped printing them years ago. This time I thought it would make more sense to choose the PDF output option in the book module. Now that the book is finished I suddenly discovered that the "Export Book to PDF"...
  16. gYab61zH

    Book module PDFs: corrupted text after merging

    I have run into a serious issue with the pdfs created by the Book module. I do not think the problem lies with Adobe though, but cannot be certain. Since it concerns those of us who use the PDF export function of the book module I would still like to describe what happens here. I am also...
  17. gYab61zH

    Carriage returns in Book module

    Although the book module has been slightly improved with the ability to add cells wherever one wants on the page, text support is still miserable. One problem I have been struggling with since early LR versions is the use of formatted text with carriage returns to use in either Photo Text or...
  18. gYab61zH

    Workflow with virtual copies problem

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how I can best set up a workflow so I can easily/automatically generate a collection of jpgs of my best pictures for use in a screensaver. The use as screensavers means that I must be able to edit these images so as to make them conform to the 16:9 ratio and I do...
  19. gYab61zH

    Book module woes

    Hi, I am an experienced book module user, having made dozens and dozens of books over the years, but after my recent switch to Classic a few months ago, nothing works when I am trying to create a new book. In fact it is so bad I do not even know where to start describing it. I started as usual...
  20. gYab61zH

    Will Classic 7.5 and 8 work together?

    Before I take the plunge and update one of my Macs to Mojave and LR 8 I would like to know whether LR 7.5 and 8 work well together (read each other's catalogues and such)? I am asking because one of my Macs can be updated to Mojave (a prerequisite for 8 if I understand it correctly) but the...
  21. gYab61zH

    Panels bug

    I only joined the subscription model a few months ago and noticed to my dismay that the panel bug has not been sorted out yet. I am on a Mac (El Capitan) and the so-called work arounds do not really work. Minimising/maximising the screen will show the panels again but they will then disappear...
  22. gYab61zH

    Less than prefect results with healing brush

    Some advice about how best to remove objects from a landscape in LR Classic would be much appreciated. I searched the web far and wide and followed some of the tutorials but whatever I do I never get a satisfactory result. The example below illustrates the problem. I tried to remove a power mast...
  23. gYab61zH

    GPX route only partially shown in map module

    For a little while now I have noticed that when I load a gpx route into the LR CC map module the map only shows a very short section of all the data points in blue. When I use it to auto-tag all photos, all photos are properly tagged but the blue line showing the actual route taken is not...
  24. gYab61zH

    Book module alternatives

    Operating System:OSX Lightroom Version: CC2015 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem:After a few frustrating years in which I struggled with the templates of LR's Book module, I have finally come to terms with it...
  25. gYab61zH

    LR CC crashes continuously on iPhone import

    The header says it all. I am using CC 2015.7 on OSX Sierra. Never had a problem with importing from my iPhone5s before, but since I updated to Sierra I can't import anything. LR shows the images and as soon as I click the button import it crashes. I transferred the same images from the phone to...