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  1. ddement

    Default import preset

    That's interesting - to know that Adobe's intention probably was to make it sticky. On the contrary, I reasoned that using a default of "none" was intentional to avoid a blunder of importing to a folder that you haven't deliberately set for this specific activity and not finding the photos where...
  2. ddement

    Should I keep my Lightroom Catalog Backup on a separate drive?

    I'm chary of using "second copy." As Julianne Kost has pointed out, those copies won't be organized (or edited, of course), and using them will set you back enormously to Square One. For that purpose, I use large camera cards and keep many recent past shoots on them - not formatted - as my...
  3. ddement

    Text Entries in LR3

    I just discovered that this field is searchable!! Wow - in Library use backslash and search on Text/Any Searchable Field - enter the text you wrote and there's your photo . With my 800,000+ catalog and sagging memory, this is a godsend.
  4. ddement

    Library module LR Classic Publish Services :Hard Drive"

    Thanks for your reply. I worked on getting more familiar with the entry, and found my way out of the problem by rereading more carefully the Adobe instructions: "Create Published Folder" which had confused me. No problems further after I created that folder. Sorry for the false alarm.
  5. ddement

    Library module LR Classic Publish Services :Hard Drive"

    The Publish Services selection "Hard Drive" is inoperable, and I need it asap. There are no dropdowns for selections, and most of the panel is grayed out. Smugmug is working. I haven't used this before but it would save me a lot of work. Lightroom ebook doesn't mention much about this option...
  6. ddement

    why is email command grayed out?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic CC v.7
  7. ddement

    Cannot update catalog to Classic CC

    I have a similar problem. I'm a LR user since v.3, and consider myself to be fairly well informed about it. I have downloaded and installed Classic, and opened a new catalog to check it out. It worked fine. When I decided to open and convert my (large) master catalog from LR CC 2015.9, LR began...
  8. ddement

    Person keyword entry

    Operating System:Win 10 Lightroom Version: CC2015.09 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: Is there a way to enter a keyword in the "enter new keywords here" line and set it there as a person keyword? I do a lot of...
  9. ddement

    How do I upgrade to 6.12?

    I've had a similar problem since May 2017, when I was running v.9 - and still am. Both my desktop and laptop are stuck on 9. Each was a separate download from Adobe, same result, and they both operate well except for bugs not yet fixed (Map flashes, etc.) Seems to me it's a CC problem, so I've...
  10. ddement

    Camera Not Found During Tethered Shooting Session

    If the camera times out by shutting down (or a failing battery), or if you're using LiveView and it shuts down, the tethered connection will fail. In other words, it seems that you must have a live system at the camera end. I have to start with LiveView on at the camera end (Canon 7D and 7D2).
  11. ddement

    Upright "Reanalyze" doesn't appear to work, ever

    If I need to redo an early Upright correction after I've gone out to edit the image and come back to Upright, the correction buttons are grayed out and the Reanalyze button is active. This all seems normal, I suppose, but clicking it has never taken any action whatever. Seems dead. Happens on...
  12. ddement

    To DNG or not to DNG ??

    DNG being rewritten? Prefer sidecars As we edit a DNG the file has to be rewritten, seems to me - that is, at least opened, changed, and closed to enable the inclusion of the edit settings. If there's a fault during that process for any reason (power spike, computer freeze, some internal...
  13. ddement

    Stuck email settings??

    I've worked it out myself. As I noted, my procedure is to select a file, then rt-clk it: choose Export / For Email click and it's done, with no settings selections. That's nice full automation for the long term. The answer to my question about setting compression is not do this, but instead...
  14. ddement

    Stuck email settings??

    Email compression setting Hi - The setting for pixel dimensions is done in the email client screen and I can set that to any of four settings at any time - that's under my control. My question was how to get control of the setting for compression. That's apparently done in LR. The first...
  15. ddement

    Stuck email settings??

    I'm testing compression and sizing for sending email from LR2 to a client whom I don't want to get full-res images until they order. I sent one to myself at extreme compression - 2'% as a test. Now I want to compare by using less compression, but the LR send screen no longer shows the...