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  1. IanGains58

    Changing from LR 4.1 (Cloudy) to LR Classic for a new user.

    Hi everyone. I'm after some direction on the best way to do the above for a friend who is a subscriber, who is just shooting Canon RAWs. He's only shot about 60 images to date, & has ended up on the LR App program whereas (after discussion !) it seems that the latest version of LR Classic would...
  2. IanGains58

    Mac OSX upgrade from 10.13.5 to 10.13.6 High Sierra.

    Hello everyone. I just thought that I'd ask the question here as to whether anyone has experienced any issues with LR6.14 when doing the latest Mac OSX upgrade to 10.13.6 High Sierra ? MTIA. Ian.
  3. IanGains58

    What to do when your PC's Hard Drive AND overflow EHD are both nearing capacity !

    Hi everyone. I'm asking this question as I've just returned from a BIG trip and now have around 140GB of RAW photos to handle. They are currently residing on the hard drive of my 2012 Macbook Pro, with a 512GB hard drive, and I'm using LR5.7.1. I have the RAW files from earlier trips on a 2TB...
  4. IanGains58

    Pros & Cons of the HP Pavilion HP 15-AB227TX laptop for LR use.

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine has recently acquired the above PC, & is interested in using it for Lightroom CC, to edit Canon 7D .CR2 RAW files. I have researched its specs, & the screen seems (to me) to be the main's a "Bright View WLED backlit display" with a resolution of 1366...
  5. IanGains58

    Upgrading LR4.4 to LR5.7.

    Hello everyone. Just a quick question re the subject line. I've upgraded my camera from a Canon 7D to a Canon 7D MkII, so I need to upgrade LR to 5.7, or wait for LR6. If I choose to upgrade to LR5 first (not knowing how far away LR6 is !), am I correct in thinking that once I have upgraded to...