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    Wrong Displayed Capture Time on Videos

    Lightroom version 4.1 displays the incorrect date for video files from my Panasonic GH2 (.mts files). I believe it is displaying the date I imported the files from my camera, instead of the capture time. I am noticing this when in the Library module, the wrong date is in each tile for each...
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    Preset for Sharpening/Noise Specific to ISO

    Is it possible to create a single preset to apply varying levels of sharpening and noise reduction based upon ISO? This would be similar to how default settings can be made specific to ISO, but instead as a preset to apply to previously imported photos. I think the answer is no, but hopefully...
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    Where Can I View My Develop Defaults?

    Some time ago I set my default settings (sharpening, noise reduction, etc.) specific to each camera ISO. Can I view the defaults I set as a list? Perhaps within lightroom, or by opening a file somewhere in my lightroom directory? I'm sure I could just go to photos at each ISO and look at...
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    Macbeth Color Checker Experience

    Does anyone have any personal experience using the Macbeth color checker? Did it improve your photo's default colors in Lightroom? I would like to switch to shooting raw all the time, but I simply don't like Lightroom's dull and sometimes inaccurate representation of colors. I happen to like...
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    Raw + Jpeg?

    Hello everyone, How do you handle shooting RAW + JPEG? I realize Lightroom lets you choose to treat the files seperately, or ignore jpegs, but I'm not sure how either settting helps me. I would like to shoot raw + jpeg, go thru my pictures looking at the jpegs (since they have my in camera...