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    Stuck creating previews

    I had some space issues on my drive and have removed the previews within lightroom. After resolving these issues i am now recreating the standard size previews, but Lightroom gets to 30502 out of 61867 (i think these are the already created previews as it gets to this number in a minute or so)...
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    'Metadata changed' dialogue

    Hi, i occasionally get the following dialogue box "The metadata for this photo has been changed by both Lightroom and another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?" A couple of questions: - I have the voice to either'...
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    Can i remove my images from cloud to

    Hi, i have lightroom on iOS set to copy files from iOS to lightroom cloud. I also have Lightroom classic set to sync some collections to the cloud. I have been given a warning that i have exceeded my quota. Before I delete files from the cloud, can I be sure that i am not deleting anything that...
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    Filled my storage on iOS

    Hi. I am using Lightroom cloud storage to move my photos from my iPhone to my desktop. I have used all my 20gb allowance. How do I remove photos from the cloud to allow the next 20gb batch to be uploaded to the cloud and so downloaded to my laptop? Unfortunately the app doesn't provide much...
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    iOS live photos to Lightroom classic via Lightroom CC on iOS

    Hi, i have recently got an iPhone that supports live photos and am trying to find the easiest way to get them onto my desktop machine running lightroom classic. It appears that Lightroom CC on iOS only imports the photo element of the live photo, I have tested with "high efficiency" and "most...
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    Lightroom iOS - not all photos auto-adding to LR

    Auto add photos and videos is selected. Comparing the number of photos and videos shows that not all photos / videos are present on iOS lightroom app (photos has 708 files, Lightroom has 546) Opening the camera roll from within lightroom shows the files without a lightroom icon and hence not...
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    Smart collection rule - sync status

    Quick question, is it possible to create a smart collection rule that references if a photo is synched to cloud or not?
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    Use case for Using Both CC and Classic

    Hi all, now both versions have been out for some time, have any use cases been found for using both systems in parallel? I'm a longtime lightroom user and am currently using classic with cloud sync.
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    Transient nature of flags and ratings

    Hi all, was wondering if i was the only one to have concerns about using these as a core pillar to organise my pictures within lightroom. I use them to temporarily rate and organise, but have concerns about using them for long term organisation. This has raised its head again recently as i...
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    Integrating Lightroom and OSX Photos

    Hi all, Does anybody use these apps side by side? If so, what workflow(s) do you have? How do you manage both systems?
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    Confusion re metadata dates

    Hi all, Either lightroom is not functioning or my understanding is incorrect. I was browsing some old videos, and the library filter "date" was showing the photos as taken in 2013 (they were taken in 2005). The text under.the photos in grid views set to show capture date and time, this is...
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    Viewing pasted settings

    Often i paste settings from a developed photo to a large batch of photos taken at the same time. Occasionally i go to the history panel to see what edits i have applied (particularly presets). The info given for a phot where settings are pasted is a rather useless 'paste settings' log. Is...
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    DNG's and backups

    Evenin' all, I have been looking at my backup and file archiving strategy and have been quite tempted by the file verification feature. However, one reason I have not become a convert is that changes to metadata (and i believe other changes?) get written to the dng, rather than a sidecar XMP...
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    Lightroom Mobile overwriting photo date

    Hi all, If i import a photo from my camera roll (on Ios 10)to Lightroom, edit and then save back to camera roll, the date of the picture taken is the edit date, not the original date. Is this a bug?
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    Folders to Collections

    Is there an easy mechanism of creating collection sets that mimic folder structures? EG, my folder structure 2016 2016-01 2016-01-01-Shoot name Could this hierarchy be easily copied to collection sets / collections? or is it a manual process..? Reason> i wish to review my shoots...
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    Approximate Location in Maps Module?

    Hi all, Is it possible to mark a photos location as approximate? EG to the nearest 400m.
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    Portfolio Sites with Lightroom Integration

    Morning all, Does anybody have a list of portfolio sites that have Lightroom integration? I intend to publish my photography to an online portfolio and was wondered what sites were out there that people here used. Here's my current list of sites that have Lightroom integration (a mix of social...
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    Lightroom Not recognising duplicates on import

    Evening all I exported my OS X photos library to a folder yesterday, and imported to lightroom. On import i renamed the files ( (YYYYMMDD) - Hour - Minute - Second - Make - Model - original filename). Today i needed to check which folders i imported yesterday, and pointed lightroom to the...
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    Copy Paste Develop Settings

    Why oh why do i have to right click on the filmstrip image rather than the loupe view to select 'copy settings' in develop module? /winge... or am i doing it wrong...
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    Local edits

    Quick question, is there an easy way to see of a picture has local edits, without clicking on the brush or grad filter and looking for a 'spot'?
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    Looking for a plugin...

    Hi all, I thought I previously saw a plugin that automatically creates collection on import, e.g. collection created titled 'import_2015-12-24-1105'. is there such a plugin or did I dream it?!
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    Can a smart collection reference another smart collection

    Can a smart collection reference another smart collection? I have attempted to create a smart collection which references another smart collection using the following criteria:- collection starts with 2015_picks (where 2015_picks is a smart collection) and get zero images returned. Am I doing...
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    can I publish read only to lightroom mobile?

    I wish my wife to view some of my Lightroom photos / collections. Can I set up lightroom mobile on her iDevice and send collections for her to view read only? I can't see a way, but you never know...
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    Date error - edit capture time

    It appears that for the last month or so, one of my cameras has the date out by one day. Am I able to correct the date via the "edit capture time" AND automatically move the files to the correct date folder, or must I do the moving manually.
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    Lightroom stuck syncing 5 photos for days...

    Hi all, I have just started using lightroom mobile again. I am stuck uploading with 5 photos to go on my laptop for a few days. I have removed the "Sync.lrdata" file at /Users//Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/Sync.lrdata, that forced a re-sync, but still have 5 photos uploading. On...